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TiLT – 9th April 2009

I’ve been so busy again since my last post! So much to update you all on, but for now, here are the things I love this week.

Roast Dinners – Mmm! Last weekend, I invited some friends that I went to uni with over and cooked a big roast lamb dinner. When you live with one other person, it seems a bit pointless to do a big big meal! The dinner was yummy, and then we had this to munch on while we watched silly movies:

Three layers of sweets and cakes, yum! Ally made the cakes on the bottom tier, which were decorated in a springtime theme, and those things on the second tier are sweet sushi! My first attempt, which was ok, but not amazing presentation wise! (Also, very excited to finally use my cake stand that Louise and Nathan gave me for my birthday!)

New Dresses – I looooove dresses, and have been searching everywhere for the perfect little black satin dress. And finally I found one – on eBay of all places! Here’s a bad photo of me wearing said dress:

I can’t wait to have an event to wear it to!

End of Lent – Squeal! 3 days to go! I’ve held out quite well from chocolate – to be honest I didn’t think I could do it! How have you done with your Lent promises?

Of course, the end of Lent brings with it a long weekend for us all – what fun things are you doing this weekend? I’ll be shopping, “helping” at my Dads new pub and teaching myself to cross stitch!

TiLT – 2 April 2009

Sigh, I really am terrible for doing this every week! This is my first Things I Love Thursday this year!

click for bigger!

The thing that has made me really happy this week is that my bff Helen came to Bristol last weekend, and we had such a fun time! Lots of drinking, dancing, ignoring boys (stupid John Machivelli!), shopping, eating and singing went on, and even though it was a brief visit, it made me realise how much I miss Bel!
The pictures above are just a few from Friday – somehow we just never got around to taking any more! L to R, the banner at Ramshackle of the girl from the Ting Tings (because apparently I looked like her?!), milkshakes at Rocotillos at lunch, a picture of us from my iPhone that I managed to TwitPic whilst quite drunk, a picture that we made the guy who had persuaded us to sign up for discount cards outside take of us (I’m not sure if either of us realised he was taking pics for the Ramshackle website!)

Contract Extentions – so I finally plucked up the courage to ask my boss when I would be leaving, since my original contract end date is the first week of May and he has said that he would like me to stay until the end of July! I’m quite happy, because it gives me longer to find a new job. I just have no idea what I want to do!

Longer days – since the clocks went back on Sunday, I’ve already noticed the lovely longer days. I’m typing this at the moment from the train on the way home, and the sky is a gorgeous clear blue! Here’s hoping the rest of spring and summer are just as lovely!

Being Busy – I honestly can’t remember the last weekend that I had nothing planned, which is amazing (although a little exhausting!). See, this is why I moved here! In Chester, I could barely remember the last time I went out! This weekend, a few friends will be coming over to the flat for yummy food and movies. A nice chilled out weekend I think!

Wow, there were some others I thought of before, but I’ve forgotten them now! What has made your week awesome then?

TiLT – 11 September 2008

Bad girl, I’ve not really written since last week. But I’ve been full of plans, y’see m’dears! Squeal! Tomorrow is my 25th birthday (or as I am tempted to start calling it, my 21+4 birthday.

1. HAMPTONS’ FINEST, 2. Skins, 3. innocent veg art, 4. Untitled, 5. Simple Butterfly with Rose Cupcakes, 6. Untitled

This week, I adore…

  • New Gossip Girl. Oh my effing God. I had forgotten just how clever this show is. Repeats of season 1 whenever I feel like hooking the iPod up to the TV are great, but I neeeeeeded new episodes!
  • Skins. I know, I’ve seen every episode about a trillion times. But each time, I spot something new and exciting (at least to a newly Bristolian like me) in the background. This weekend I was taking some photos for a not so secret project type thing down Gloucester Road, and realised that was where Chris’ house was meant to be in the first series, when he gets locked out of his house in the nuddy pants and walks down the road towards Glos Rd with his head and hands held high.
    One of the things that always makes me giggle is the…
  • Bristolian/West Country Accents. As a Northerner (well, Chester is north of here!), I can’t help but laugh when I hear the local accent. Seriously, its just too funny. Not only do they have a funny accent down here, but they also have their own language. Heres a helpful little guide from Beast Clothing (who are gert lush, me babber)
    Chris Moyles did a version of American Boy by Estelle called Somerset Boy which makes i laaaaarf every time!
  • iTunes Genius – I know, I’ve had it two days, but its bloody brilliant. Its actually making me listen to more of my music, instead of the same few songs every day. And its throwing up some excellent tracks. If you’ve not already downloaded iTunes 8, get it, get it now!

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