TiLT – 4 September 08

1. Chain links, Clifton suspension bridge, 2. Sugar Plums, 3. Cupcat, 4. hot pink cupcake with black bow, 5. 2am donuts, 6. IMG_2518, 7. zodiac mosaic – virgo, 8. Basket o Shoes, 9. .959.

Everythings just super at the moment, I am feeling all content and good and stuff!

  • Weddings! So we had Dad’s wedding in July (which I meant to write about and put lots of photos up here, but I forgot. It was just a crazy day, lots of drinking and motorbikes. And Dad’s beard was cut off and lots of money was raised for our friends baby who is all poorly) and then theres a wedding in October that I’m looking forward to quite a bit (can’t believe its so soon! I’ve not even bought a dress yet!) Then last night, I found out that my friends who were supposed to be getting married in a few years have brought the date forward to February! So soon! I spent an hour and a half chatting on the phone last night to the bride, discussing whats going to happen (because I’m special) and lets just say, its going to be AWESOME.
  • Accounting Geek Reunion 2: Return of the Geek 08. Last year, Adam, Deanne, Louise and I all gathered in the ‘Creech and had a reunion which involved mooses milk, Wii and cider. I’m planning another reunion next year, and its gonna be bigger, better and more mooses milk fueled.
  • New Jobs. I started a new job last Tuesday, out in Stoke Gifford (or as I like to call it, the Giff) and it is infinitly better than the data entry stuff I was doing in the centre of Bristol. I’m working in the IT department, basically sending people things they want and telling them if they can’t have it. I’m really enjoying it (I know, its only been 2 weeks, but you can still tell can’t you?). The only downsides to the job are that (a) its out in the Giff. Which was the commute I wasn’t happy to do last time. Things are a bit easier now I live closer to the train station though and (b) I can wear what I like to work, which might not seem like a bad thing, but I am crap at choosing outfits. Ah well, I’ll just have to go shopping!
  • Cabot Circus! Its getting closer, closer and closer! I am stupidly excited about the opening of lots of shops, etc. I have heard rumours that its not going to be ready on time – GWR (the local radio station) keeps saying about when it will open and apparently on the site, everyone just laughs because they think they are a month behind schedule. Noooooooo!  Don’t do this to me!
  • Photography. I seem to be going forward with the whole photos thingy, and its very exciting! I would love to know more stuff though, and would go on a course if it could show you how to take interesting photos, not just technically good photos. Am I just babbling now?

Anyway, time to go get a train and read the Metro. Theres another good thing about commuting!



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