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Whats Been Going On

Since I have been lacking lately in the postings around here, I thought I would write about the past week. I’m sure those of you with the RSS feed are surprised to see three posts in three days from me! And you’re not the only one!

Last Saturday, I went up to Cotham on my own to have a look at the lovely pretty little shops before all those filthy students invaded with their Uggs, their rah-ness (“My daddy only has one yot. But I’m totally allowed to bring all my frands.”) and all their Jack Wills stuff. (Yes, I do like the clothing, but I dislike the prices – £50 for a shirt that was too big in the chest and too small everywhere else? Its the wrong way round!). I picked up the latest issue of NYLON and headed to the Deco Lounge which is one of a number of Lounges accross the city, Bath and Cardiff.

I was happily reading an article about Buffy the Vampire Slayer, whilst sat at a sunny little table in the window at the front of the lounge, when this bloke popped his head in and asked what I was reading. “Erm…Nylon?” “But I saw…” “An article about Buffy? Yes, yes there is one” “Oh, ok, bye then”. Strange!

I met up with my friend Charlie and we had some lunch in Rocotillos (why yes, yes it is my favourite lunching place at the moment, why do you ask?) We had planned to go out that night, but were feeling quite tired, so we went to see if there were any decent films at the skanky Odeon in the centre. Since they were all boy films, we bought food to take back to Charlies house to watch movies and I ended up buying pants, bras and pj’s from La Senza because I couldn’t be bothered to go home to pick up stuff to stay over with. Oops.

We got back to her house in Backwell, and her brother and his friend were drinking on the patio. Somehow we were persuaded into going out, in an underground club on the Triangle with bottles of vodka and jugs of mixers on the table. Quite a lot of fun actually!

On Sunday, Dad took me to meet some of his friends, then we went back to the pub so I could set up Marias new laptop and internet thingy. She was way too excited to have her first email address set up! It was then off to church with Ed, followed by another visit to the Deco Lounge.

Work has been kinda fun again this week – I’ve been playing with PDA’s and laptops and chatting crap with everyone. Its so nice to have a job where I’m not kept awake at night because of missed payments and paperwork! Not that my job is so unimportant, but I am a lot more relaxed than I was this time 6/9 months ago!

I’ve spent most of my time out of work this weekn in bed – I seem to have picked up freshers flu (how?!)

I’m so excited for the weekend – Cabot Circus opened on Thursday, and I’ve got to go! Sorry credit card, time for some spending!

We Went To The Zoo Zoo Zoo…

“…how about you you you, you could have come too too too, we went to the zoo zoo zoo”

We left the story of my birthday weekend of AWESOME at me finally falling into bed at 4am (which is not a time I am familiar with anymore, either waking up for work, or getting from a night out)
The next morning, Gemma and Rachael packed up their stuff, and we headed downstairs to the caf for a yummy filthy fry up. Helen was actually filled up by her breakfast baguette (bacon, sausages and egg ontop of a soft baguette roll. So good.) so much that she couldn’t finish it. We were shocked and astounded quite frankly!
So we walked back to Temple Meads, and the Four Feet day together ended (boo hoo v sad sniff tears sob) BUT Jackie and Andy were already waiting at the train station! (Honestly, its like we arranged it or something!) Jax, Andy, Helen and I all hopped (not literally…) onto the number 9, and rode up to Park Street where of course we had to go to Rocotillos for lunch. Helen and I just had milkshakes (which we struggled to finish) while Jax had a chicken quesadilla thing (which is actually v. good) and Andy went for one of the famous burgers.

After getting very full on shakes and food, we walked (or wobbled in some peoples case!) up to the Zoo. If you’ve never been to Bristol Zoo, it is very strange because it is actually in the middle of all the houses, etc. We had so much fun playing with all the kids toys (erm, no, I mean the interactive and educational points around the zoo)

Helen, Jackie and I as MEERKATS. My FAVOURITE animal at the zoo!

Look at him! He’s so badass, he can’t even be bothered to stand up straight. All the meerkats were quite lazy, bums.

From this point onwards, theres lots of pictures. This is because Helen had the SLR and was clicking away like a mad woman….

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The Joy of Getting Old

I realise that my birthday was almost 2 weeks ago now, but its been busy here. Actually it hasn’t, but I keep forgetting to write on my blog. Also WordPress was playing up and not uploading pictures. Lets see if its fixed:

Hey, look at that! That is a picture of (clockwise from top) Helen, Rachael, me and Gemma sitting on the bus going to meet my Dad, Maria and Ren (who is my sort of unofficially adopted big brother. Steph has already convinced him that he is doing the washing up at Christmas. He says thats ok as long as she makes him some PIE! Oh dear.)

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