The Joy of Getting Old

I realise that my birthday was almost 2 weeks ago now, but its been busy here. Actually it hasn’t, but I keep forgetting to write on my blog. Also WordPress was playing up and not uploading pictures. Lets see if its fixed:

Hey, look at that! That is a picture of (clockwise from top) Helen, Rachael, me and Gemma sitting on the bus going to meet my Dad, Maria and Ren (who is my sort of unofficially adopted big brother. Steph has already convinced him that he is doing the washing up at Christmas. He says thats ok as long as she makes him some PIE! Oh dear.)
So on Thursday night, I walked down to Temple Meads and met Gem and Rach. We walked back to the flat, and on the way, I told them something Helen said by email that day about her new boyfriend Dave. Dave is actually someone we all went to primary school with, and he and Helen have gotten together in the last 2 months or so. Its totally officialised – its on Facebook. (See, its not real unless its been booked on the face) Amusingly, Gemma and Rachael didn’t know that Helen and Dave were now a couple. Anyway. So we get back to the flat, manage to find Take That on 4Music (at the O2, sadly not the gig we went to without Gemma cause she was in stinky Australia. Honestly, what would you prefer, stinky Australia, or the awesomeness that is the City of Manchester stadium with Taaaaaaake Thaaaaaaaaat. Exactly.) and eat yummy chilli. We had to watch the episodes of Star Stories with Britney Spears and of course Take That! (Yes, we do quote bits from it, why do you ask?)
The next morning, we woke, and I jumped on their bed in the spare room as I was now an old lady and as such should do such things as jumping on airbeds and trying not to headbutt the wall. They gave me presents (eee) – Rach bought me a lovely brown bag and put together a massive card of lots of embarressing photos and Gemma bought me wrinkle cream. (OK, so she says it was make up stuff, but I’m still convinced it was wrinkle cream. Later on, she offered to buy me something else, so I ended up with a pair of PJ’s (red with skulls and crossbones on!) and two Ash CD’s to complete my collection)
We had a quick game on the Singstar (honestly, what would a Four Feet gathering be without Singstar?) and went to meet Helen at Temple Meads. We got the bus back, where we were asked if any of us were under 15 (as theres a special bus ticket). Erm, try 10 years older.
We got the bus up to Clifton as we were meeting Dad, Maria and Ren at the White Lion pub, which is one of my favourite places to take people when they first come to Bristol as its pretty amazing outside. We took lots of pictures outside,

Thats the Clifton Suspension Bridge in the background, probably one of the citys famous landmarks. Its a lot more interesting with a man in a pink jumpsuit doing starjumps with a blonde wig on doing an impression of Challenge Anneka, but unfortunately that wasn’t happening on my birthday.

This is Helen regardezing the view. Splendid.
Anyway, after some wine/cider/beer, me getting drawn on and Ren liking my friends conversation too much, we wobbled through the Village, and went shopping. Slightly tipsy shopping is actually hilarious. Fact.

So we get back to the flat, and have some dinner. We went down to Tesco, and I was like “So, have you guys got me a cake?” Helen: “Erm, of course we have. We just have to go… get… something.”… “Don’t look in our basket!” (They bought a yummy chocolate cake, om nom nom nom) Helen had to complain when we had chips for tea because half a large portion (which was more than enough for anyone else) didn’t fill her. Tut.
We got ready, and headed out. We were going to hop on the bus, but a taxi came down the road so we flagged it down and went to the Berkley at the top of Park Street. There were some people in fancy dress in there, the best costume though was someone dressed up as Moss from the IT Crowd. Me and Helen ambushed him later on in the club. “You’re Moss!!! Thats BRILLIANT!!!!!” The Berkley is a normal Wetherspoons, although it does have Pimms and Lemonade on tap. Yum!
Headed down to the Elbow Room, where we had to go upstairs to get to the bar downstairs (we’re still not sure why we couldn’t just go in the front door). There was a surprising number of people in togas. FYI, Togas are NOT a good idea in this country – its very cold and your nip nips will show. It was disturbing.
Next stop was the Hatchet, which is a bit more of a rock sort of pub. A random girl accosted me and Helen when we were waiting to go to the loos, and asked us to sign her t-shirt (as if she were 16 and leaving school. Not that I did that as my school banned us writing on shirts! Rude!) so I wrote “Hello. You’re lovely. Bye.”

Finally, we went to Ramshackle at the Academy. Its one of my favourite clubs, because the booze is el cheapo, the music is AWESOME and it is full of hot blokes. My friends have decided that Bristol is full of hot blokes and that when they all become single, they’re heading down here. Oh dear oh dear.

We got to the front (through the metal detectors which I’m pleased to notice that they freaked Gem and Rach out slightly, as they did me when I first saw them) and were about to pay when this bloke appeared and pushed infront of us. Helen was a lot tiddly at this point and asked loudly if this bloke had heard of a little thing called a queue. The girl on the till was like, “Yeah, thats the boss”. I’m going to guess he has heard of queues.

We danced about all night, with Helen proclaiming that she loves EVERY song that is played. Guitar Hero was set up in the side bar, so Helen tells the bloke that I HAVE to play because its my birthday. The guy is like “OK, fine, but you have to play too. Because its her birthday” Helen had never played before. I won by quite a bit and got a glowstick and a wristband for my spectacular playing of Barracuda.
I got to sleep about 4am, all happy that my friends were there, yet feeling quite lonely for some reason. Thats a bit odd, right?

Anyway, if you are all Facebooked up, and want to see more pictures, click this little link here. This one! Not that one.


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