We Went To The Zoo Zoo Zoo…

“…how about you you you, you could have come too too too, we went to the zoo zoo zoo”

We left the story of my birthday weekend of AWESOME at me finally falling into bed at 4am (which is not a time I am familiar with anymore, either waking up for work, or getting from a night out)
The next morning, Gemma and Rachael packed up their stuff, and we headed downstairs to the caf for a yummy filthy fry up. Helen was actually filled up by her breakfast baguette (bacon, sausages and egg ontop of a soft baguette roll. So good.) so much that she couldn’t finish it. We were shocked and astounded quite frankly!
So we walked back to Temple Meads, and the Four Feet day together ended (boo hoo v sad sniff tears sob) BUT Jackie and Andy were already waiting at the train station! (Honestly, its like we arranged it or something!) Jax, Andy, Helen and I all hopped (not literally…) onto the number 9, and rode up to Park Street where of course we had to go to Rocotillos for lunch. Helen and I just had milkshakes (which we struggled to finish) while Jax had a chicken quesadilla thing (which is actually v. good) and Andy went for one of the famous burgers.

After getting very full on shakes and food, we walked (or wobbled in some peoples case!) up to the Zoo. If you’ve never been to Bristol Zoo, it is very strange because it is actually in the middle of all the houses, etc. We had so much fun playing with all the kids toys (erm, no, I mean the interactive and educational points around the zoo)

Helen, Jackie and I as MEERKATS. My FAVOURITE animal at the zoo!

Look at him! He’s so badass, he can’t even be bothered to stand up straight. All the meerkats were quite lazy, bums.

From this point onwards, theres lots of pictures. This is because Helen had the SLR and was clicking away like a mad woman.
So, here are some of the other pictures taken…

I think this is the monkey with the asbo for having sex too loud.

(The story is basically the local residents complain about animals making animal noises. YOU’RE LIVING NEAR A FUCKING ZOO (AND A SCHOOL!) OF COURSE THERES NOISE!)

There were plastic coloured frogs in this box, which I said was a waste of an exhibit, although apparently there were giant stick insects in there too.

This was so gross. In the twilight zone, they have a kitchen all set up, and then they have mice and rats running about in special microwaves and cupboards (which are actually cages). I think that was more freaky than seeing the blind mole mice (or whatever they were called) which looked like disfigured penises.

Bristol Zoo can sometimes go overboard in its exhibits. Can you spot the animals in the above picture?

Probably because this was the only thing in there. Fails.

Helen is not under the sea. And the coral is not going to attack her.

“Whoa, you got coral on your leg.”
“Can you get it out of my leg please hotel man?”
“You sound like you’re from London!”

Lovely fishys

Giant fishy

Ugly fishy

Not a fishy, but meeeeee!

A good example of doing the activites.

Ah, the ice cream machine! You put the money in, and press the code for the flavour you want, and then type in 6 other codes in because the flavours you pick aren’t available, and then the lid of the freezer inside opens and a vacuum arm picks up the ice cream and drops it down for your enjoyment.

It was possibly the most exciting part of the day.

So after the excitement of the zoo, we headed to a small bar/cafe in the village called Amoeba, and drank lots of tea. Julian and Ally then appeared, and we all headed back to my flat. After getting dinner from the takeaways over the road, we went back to the flat and watched Office Space and Dr Horribles Sing Along Blog. Everyone left, so I put Reefer Madness on, but I don’t think Helen liked it much (boo!)

That is pretty much the end of the weekend of awesome really, other than me and Helen going shopping on Sunday morn, and buying matching (ear) muffs. That was exciting.

Here’s the FB link for a selection of the photos, and the Flickr link for all 5 million photos taken.


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