Bullet (Point) Time

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the sound of a Hayley who is feeling so very very…well, meh

It feels like everything thats been going on in the past few weeks – hell, the past few months! – has finally caught up with me and hit me with a good dose of exhaustion, aches and a little tonsillitis just for a laugh. Oh, and eczema. Which is new.

So, in brief, because I’m a lazy biatch, here’s some bullet points of things that are happening

  • I’m off to t’Creech (which is a teeny little village just past Shepton Mallet, or Mallayyyy if you are being exotic) this weekend to help Louise out with some wedding stuff. I honestly can’t wait, because not only do I get to spend a weekend crafting, playing on the Wii and teasing the kittin, I also get to spend time with Lou Lou and drink gin and have her tell me I have been a silly moo cow.
  • I am far too excited about getting away from the city. I feel like theres something wrong with me.
  • Work is good at the moment, playing with lots of computers (and was far far too excited last Friday when three 24″ iMacs appeared. I lined them up on my desk and tried to keep them. Unfortunately pretty much everyone who went past me said I couldn’t try and steal one. What, like I was going to shove it up my top?!)
  • I’ve worked out a deal with Tim at work where I make the boys coffee, and he doesn’t make fun of me. As he said, a flaw in his personality is working out well for him, but I am enjoying the relative peace and quiet.
  • I had an excellent random night out last Friday, where the original plan was to meet Charlie for a glass of wine after work, but which turned into drinking half a bottle of wine, cocktails, a looot of vodka and some gin. Oh dear. Bad girl.
  • I am on a proper old school music kick at the moment. Right now I’m listening to Savage Garden. I remember buying their debut album in Little Rock, AR 10 years ago exactly on tape. Man, I am oooooold.
  • I am keeping up with my Project 365, although my pictures are a bit yawn at the moment cause of the lack of energy. Suuuuuuucks.
  • I am in LOVE with the new series of Scrubs. Seriously. If you’re a Scrubs fan (and honestly, who isn’t?) get watching Series 8 because it is Ah. Maz. Ink. Episode 2 set me off into tears, and actually, Episode 4 did a bit too. I am such a girl.
  • Speaking of being a girl, I ordered a hula hoop last night, in the greatest colour combination ever – sparkly pink and blue. It fills me with a scary amount of gleeeeeee! I informed Ed of this last night and he said I was such a girl. Um, well, I kinda hope so, because otherwise these things that make my tops go out quite a bit would be a bit wrong.
  • I don’t get why theres such a fuss about British celebrities all getting on the Twitter bandwagon. The thing I find weirdest are those who will @reply to the celebs to try and get a response. Maybe not weird, but a little sad.
  • The iPhone is just the best thing to have ever – I can blog, check my eBay and tweet from anywhere. Which means I do just because I can. Standing by the cheese counter in Sainos? Time to check if I’m still winning that scanner.

I’m so exhausted that its half 9 and I need to go to bed. Utter, utter fail.

Why Would You Look?

A map showing where all my visitors have come from. Pretty.

I know these posts may seem like a bit of a cop out, because its not really a proper blog entry, but I’ve not done this before on this blog, and some of these terms are quite strange.

Yes, its time to look at my site statistics. Hooray! I’m looking from 1st May onwards, because it was around then I started blogging more regularly on the site.

54 people have gotten to from search engines. Some of the things they search for is pretty
innocuous, and is quite obvious someone was looking for me. Some of the other search terms though… what the hell were you looking for (and how did it come to my site?)

The full list is below this short break. I’ve split the list into 6 groups, Me, Music Downloads, Self Promotion, Fashion, Local, and Other Stuff. Oh, and my “hilarious” (nah) comments are next to them in italic. Enjoy.

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Oh, Topshop, Why?

As a teenager, I had no money of my own (the waiting on job I had paid £20 a night, money which normally went on my mobile and on Sainsburys chocolate chip cookies) and so I couldn’t afford to wear the clothes I liked in Topshop, instead having to persuade my mum each time I liked something. This method was not usually that sucessful.

I went to uni in Aberystwyth, and I suddenly had some money thanks to the student loan. But Aber is a tiny little town, with about 8 shops that sold ladies clothes, including a Dorothy Perkins, a New Look (founded by an Aber Economics grad, hooray for my school!) and Cafe Society, a quite expensive shop (at the time)

I got used to wearing the same things as other people (when there’s so little choice, you don’t really have many options) and would go back to Chester to buy things occasionally.

When I left uni and became a proper working person, I suddenly had money every week and a good choice of shops to spend it in. I could finally buy things I liked from Topshop! (Unfortunately because I was now 22, I felt a little too old to shop in the Chester Topshop at weekends as it is mostly full of 15 year olds and shop assistants who seem to think that you’re too old to shop there after the age of 21)

Now I have moved to Bristol, I feel like I have more options of what I can wear without being laughed at by people I know, so over the past few months, I have been storing certain items away.

So thats my story of clothes buying. Now I have the abilty, I want to wear things that don’t look like my mum bought them * So it annoys me slightly that Topshop seem to produce things now that wouldn’t look good on me, no matter how it was styled.

This top could probably be quite nice, if it wasn’t for the enormous ruffle that goes all around the body. Any girl with a cup size more than a B probably will look like she should be a clown or something.

I can’t even begin with this one. Silver plastic biker jacket. (I am slightly snobby in a way (I guess) with biker jackets, having grown up in a biker-y family. Its not a biker jacket unless it’s leather.)

OH MAN. Who has decided that this sort of playsuit is acceptable. This is only going to look good on very tall, very skinny people.

I saved the best till last. We are not in the early 90’s, and I don’t care if its supposed to be fashionable. It wasn’t cool the first time round. Maybe thats why it’s only £25.

Sometimes Topshop does have some lovely stuff, such as this yellow dress from the Kate Moss collection. It currently hangs in my wardrobe waiting for July so I can wear it for my dads wedding.

I do feel a bit wrong when I admit that its from the Kate Moss collection, bearing in mind her “designs” have produced these shorts which are so hideous, I can’t even put a picture here.

Sometimes though, it feels like they stock over the top items to see if people will actually buy them. What do you think? Am I just being too old fashioned, is Topshop just very “fashion forward”, or do they stock items they think people will just buy because its from Topshop?

* To be fair to my mum, she was often wearing new things from places like New Look. My mum was well cool.

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