Why Would You Look?

A map showing where all my visitors have come from. Pretty.

I know these posts may seem like a bit of a cop out, because its not really a proper blog entry, but I’ve not done this before on this blog, and some of these terms are quite strange.

Yes, its time to look at my site statistics. Hooray! I’m looking from 1st May onwards, because it was around then I started blogging more regularly on the site.

54 people have gotten to ceriselle.org from search engines. Some of the things they search for is pretty
innocuous, and is quite obvious someone was looking for me. Some of the other search terms though… what the hell were you looking for (and how did it come to my site?)

The full list is below this short break. I’ve split the list into 6 groups, Me, Music Downloads, Self Promotion, Fashion, Local, and Other Stuff. Oh, and my “hilarious” (nah) comments are next to them in italic. Enjoy.

Finding MeI think this is just my friends trying to find me.
ceriselle (3)
ceriselle.org (3)
hgc2 twitter (1)

Finding Music DownloadsSorry, nothing illegal to download here. Have you recieved your Virgin letter yet?
“parent directory ” spain chiki-chiki -xxx -html -htm -php -shtml -opendivx -md5 -md5sums (2)
“parent directory” ting tings (1)
“parent directory” ting tings -xxx -html -htm -php -shtml -opendivx -md5 -md5sums (1)
“ting tings” “parent directory” (1)

Finding Blogs To Comment On To Promote Self – This irritates me a lot. If you have something to say, try and make your comment appropriate to the entry you are leaving it on. In other words, read the original entry first before promoting your own ethical fashion store.
“ethical fashion” “powered by wordpress” “leave a comment” -“no comments” (1)

Finding Fashionable StuffI honestly didn’t expect the majority of incoming visits to be from various fashion queries. I can’t afford Topshop, have no idea if Primark does gladiators (the Bristol store is crap!) and also have had issues with ill fitting gladiator sandals.
ethical fashion (3)
can’t afford topshop (1)
can’t get my gladiator sandals to fit (1)
carries gladiater sandels (1)
do primark sell gladiator sandals? (1)
fashion (1)
elle.org (1)
ethical fashion + cardigan (1)
healed gladiator sandals (2)
pretty shoes (2)
topshop (1)
topshop silver biker jacket (1)
who has the leather topshop biker?v (1)

Finding Local Stuff – Unfotunatly I’ve not been to the Thali cafe yet, so can’t help you there. I doubt Aber will ever get a Topshop. And Febo in Utrecht is my favourite fast food place ever.
thali cafe totterdown (2)
aberystwyth topshop (1)
febo utrecht (1)
ethical fashion bristol (1)
totterdown thali (1)

Finding Other Stuff – The big category.
may ball photo (2)
“the more you think ” the more stars blink (1) – I’m upset that my spam wasn’t unique to me.
“things i love thursday” (1)
ball stretching pictures (1) – Ball. Stetching. Pictures. Erm, no.
clare may ball when to queue (1) – I don’t know about May Balls any more. And I don’t even know where Clare is. Or who she is.
eurovision language (1)
freeview in my pajero (1) – I have no idea why (and how!) you would want freeview in your car.
gossip girl advert song out of my head (1)
i don’t want to buy anything based on whats popular at the moment, i want to buy things for just myself, and my style” (1) – If you don’t want to buy popular things, then don’t!
ikea hot dog ingredients (1) – Bread. Hot dog. Profit.
matthew leitch nude (1) – Yeah right.
may ball photos 2008 (1)
may balls (1)
pretty shoes quote (1)
tenby pirates+t-shirts (1)
trailers before “forgetting sarah marshall” (1) – The one we saw had “Superhero Movie” and “Mamma Mia”
wooden cake stand (1) – Don’t have wood, it would go funny, and the cakes wouldn’t look as good.


  1. gilda says

    hello! first of all, thank you for following me on twitter.

    and oh my goodness. those site stats are interesting!! i’ve never analyzed my own before. the only thing i know is how many subscribers i have! but “Finding Blogs To Comment On To Promote Self ” that is sooooooo funny! HAHAHAH can you imagine people sitting at their computers and googling things like that?

    even weirder is> why did the search engines decide to list you there? see there’s all this SEO and whatever nonsense that i’ve read about and NEVER understood and can’t be bothered with. hahaha!

    and wooden cake stand takes the cake. :D

  2. Hayley says

    @gilda – People can get paid to promote a site, but the sites that are being promoted through my comments are ones that wouldn’t really have the resources to get people doing that. Odd.

    That cake pun is terrible (but I love it!)


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