…And Some Cake Would Be Good Too

Picture from BBC

I wouldn’t normally blog about a TV show, but its Doctor Who. I bloody well love Doctor Who if you didn’t already know. I don’t want to put any spoilers into this bit.
I just have to say, best episode ever everrrrr. And if someone could find a way to send me a nekkid Tennant clone, it would be much appreciated and already has a spare room.

edit: I really had to put this in as well, because it irritated me – and I saw the episode! Do not read this article at BBC News – in fact, do not read the Entertainment news page until you have seen “Journey’s End”. It basically gives away a main plot point in the headline, and manages to fit the whole episode into three paragraphs. Boo BBC, BOO.

(Doctor Who is greatly enhanced by watching it on a projector screen, with surround sound type speakers. I’m very happy we managed to get it all hooked up to the V Box in time for tonights episode!)


  1. alicecharlotte says

    WHY can’t I marry Tennant? OR I would settle for just a fling. It’s not fair frankly


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