All That Glitters

I’m pretty useless at wearing jewellery, but for my birthday last year (which I got given a few weekends ago – this means I get an extra birthday day, right?), the Wife bought me this beautiful handmade glass bangle (cuff? bracelet?). Its from www.handmadeprettylittlethings.com (which appears to be down at the moment, unfortunately!) but is a blue glass bracelet with a goldish pattern through it.

I can’t normally wear bracelets, because they bash against my desk, but this one is perfectly shaped so it doesn’t annoy me!

Ring My Bell

I headed to Primark after work last week (a dangerous situation – Primark is right by my bus stop) and found myself in the jewellery section. I picked up the above rings for £2 each (except my favourite, the bug was just £1)

I’m hopeless at accessorising. Its pretty obvious from my outfit posts that I just don’t think about it. I buy bundles of jewellery like this, wear them once and then forget about them. I really need to get better at both wearing make up and wearing jewellery!

How can I get better at accessorising?!


(p.s. my giveaway is still open until Friday!)

HtCC: Jointed Jewels

I’m a bit of nerd. I would have said secret nerd, but lets face it, you know already. One of the things that really fascinates me is 3D printing. I could watch for hours (via YouTube) how an item can be built up over time in a printer. Most of the things I’ve seen be built have been practical items, but this collection of jewellery by Alissia Melka-Teichroew is a nice change.

The pieces are made by selective laser sintering, which allows a ball within a ball to be created. Watching this video shows how the items are built up.

The website allows you to click the design and then choose the colour (as above) – below are a few of my favourites

I think the pink chevron necklace is my favourite, then the yellow jeweled piece (although probably in a different colour!) Which do you prefer?

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