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I headed to Primark after work last week (a dangerous situation – Primark is right by my bus stop) and found myself in the jewellery section. I picked up the above rings for £2 each (except my favourite, the bug was just £1)

I’m hopeless at accessorising. Its pretty obvious from my outfit posts that I just don’t think about it. I buy bundles of jewellery like this, wear them once and then forget about them. I really need to get better at both wearing make up and wearing jewellery!

How can I get better at accessorising?!


(p.s. my giveaway is still open until Friday!)


  1. I can’t give you any tips because I am exactly the same. I won’t spend much on jewellery, because I know I won’t get the wear out of it! I buy rings and necklaces, add them to my outfit the next day, then they get put in a drawer, but never when I get ready in the morning do I think…’ooo I should have a look at what accessories may go with this’!

    But some people seem to do it so effortlessly, and it really can make an outfit mpore special. I shall check back for tips from other readers!


  2. I love that bug!

    I am terrible at accessorising – I tend to wear one or two pieces of jewellary everyday for weeks, despite having loads in my drawers that I love. I think maybe we need to start thinking of the accessories as part of the outfit rather than an added extra – I tend to think ‘oh this skirt will go with this top’ but not ‘oh this dress will go perfectly with that necklace’ – I tend to just fling on a necklace as an afterthought more than anything!


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