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Skirt: Mango* | Top: Dorothy Perkins | Shoes : eBay | Bag: Mulberry | Glasses c/o Lensway

This weekend, I headed down to Cabot Circus to check out their 48 Hour Fashion Fix event. In the past, Cabot Circus has held fashion shows to show off the new season arrivals, but they have always been on a central stage – to shake things up, this year, the shows were outside the stores they were featuring, in a flash mob style event. I think this worked well, because it meant that people would be more likely to go into the store after the routine.

In place of the stages, there was a chance to win a handbag in Cabot Circus (which SJ managed to win!) and over in Quakers Friars was a big red beauty bus. SJ and I had a hand massage, checked out the new ranges at Nails Inc and were shown the latest products from Benefit. (We were too late to get a free eyebrow wax, sadly!) If only First offered this service on their buses – get on, and by the time you’ve reached the office, you’ve got your make up done and your eyebrows under control!


After it was all over, we headed up to Piccolinos (which I’ve never been to before, but after trying the pizzas, I have to go back again soon!) and gossiped with a few glasses of fizzy wine – what a great end to the day!

Here’s a little video of one of the dance routines – all clothes in this video were from Dorothy Perkins and Burtons.

Dr Martens in Bristol

A few weeks ago, I was invited to an event on a weekday evening in Bristol. That alone was exciting enough (and not just because I wasn’t at work that week, so had lots of time to drink tea and read. AWESOME.)

Dr Martens is a brand that I have always felt like I wasn’t quite cool enough for. Back in the 90’s, I moved primary schools in year 3, and found myself in a different world, fashion wise. At my first school, we could wear what we wanted, but at the new one, there was a set uniform, so the main way people were judged on fashion was their shoes (I know.) In Year 4, the shoes to have were a specific type of DM’s, but my parents couldn’t buy them for me, so I stuck out (even more than a new person does in a school where everyone has known each other since birth)

Back to the present day. I’ve been eyeing up the new DM ranges that have appeared in the last few years especially, but never could quite bring myself to make the purchase, since I assumed that they were all lace up brogue types (and I’m just not that sort of girl most of the time). When I was sent the invite to the new DM store opening, I hoped there would be a style more suited to me…

The new store is located in Broadmead just a few doors down opposite the main entrance of Cabot Circus. (For those who know the area, it’s between HMV and Lloyds TSB.) Having been in since the event, it’s a good sized store with a neat layout, but with some interesting decorations (like the jukebox at the back of the store that I fell in love with. Impractical? Yes. Awesome? Definately.)

The event itself hosted two bands at the back of the store – first up were the Fauns who were more my style of music but the second band, The Idles, were a lot more energetic! I couldn’t help tweeting the larger image in the picture below – anyone who’s ever been to a gig in Bristol will know that if it’s a good band, Big Jeff will be there, bopping along with his mass of blonde hair. I tweeted the picture and had so many replies from Bristol people agreeing with the good music barometer of his hair!

With a pretty awesome discount available on the night, I ended up buying not one, but two pairs of shoes! Not all for me, I might add, but I thought I should pick something up for my little sister because I knew she would be pretty stroppy if I didn’t!

The boots I picked up for Steph were the Triumph 1914W boots which can be laced up in lots of different ways for different looks. A little bit too much for me, which is why I went for the Marie style, a basic looking ballet pump style, but one that I know I can wear all the time. I’ve been wearing them for a few weeks now, and although they were a little uncomfortable at first (when brand new), they’re already seriously comfortable. (Bonus – because of the way they’re made, it’s meant my feet have stayed reasonably dry in this horrendus weather we’ve been having lately!)

Finally, because it was stuck in my head for at least a week afterwards (and because who doesn’t love the Young Ones?), here’s a song from an episode of the Young Ones about Dr Martens boots.

10 Hot Things In Bristol

I was *so* excited when I heard Grazia would be doing regional specials, where readers could show off the amazing things in their city. I love finding new things to do in my city – I’ve been here 4 years, but I still feel like there is so much more to explore. As soon as I heard it was on sale, I headed to the shop, picked up a copy and flicked straight to the Bristol section.

Firstly, Bristol is lumped in with Bath. This isn’t unusual, but what was annoying was that the majority of places were in Bath. This unfortunately is also not unusual. Magazines like Grazia and Stylist prefer to talk about Bath because it’s just oh so quaint – Bristol has areas that are prettier than Bath, more varied than Bath and – look, Bath is nice for an occational visit, but Bristol is just a nicer place to be.

With that in mind, I thought I would put together my own list of things you need to visit in Bristol…

Best speakeasy
I’m going to generalise this as BOOZE EMPORIUM (because I like the word emporium) and say that my favourite place for cocktails in Bristol is, hands down, Goldbrick House. They have a decent sized menu of cocktails, and have a gin list of 16 different gins, which I think is a reasonable amount. It’s been my favourite place to go on Park Street for food and drinks for a long time, and their fabulous food nights are pretty brilliant too.

Best Pop Up
This heading was about shops, but what we do well in Bristol is pop up restaurants. 40 Alfred Place is a permament popup venue which I visited last month for Gurrilla Burger with some Twitter friends for sliders. Look at them! They’re so teeny tiny!

Best cup of tea
I don’t feel like I have found the best cup of tea yet. If you’re looking for somewhere with a huge range of tea though, Lahloo Pantry in Clifton Village knows their tea, and also has some pretty good cakes to go along with them.

Best denim
The heading was used to talk about a boutique in Bath, but there are *so* many good boutiques in Bristol. The two main areas to check out would be Park Street and Gloucester Road – perfect way to kill a few hours is just wandering down the road and popping into the interesting shops!

Best for mooching
Clifton Village is a good place to start for a mooch – I could spend hours just wandering around there! Quakers Friars is also a good place, although perhaps a little small for a proper mooch.

Best cakes
Oh, well, now – THIS I know. I mean, erm, this I need to do a lot more research on. Ahem. My favourite place for cupcakes has to be Swinky Sweets, who do things like these cupcake bouquets (you’ve missed my birthday, but I’m sure you can buy them for Christmas) but a very close runner up has to be Cordial and Grace, which had to be my favourite discovery of the cake crawl we did earlier this year.

Best Diner
Perhaps this one is a bit obvious, but ooh, Rocotillos at the top of Park Street has been a long time favourite with my friends and I. Sit in a booth, drink a chocolate and hazelnut milkshake (so thick that your straw stands up in it!), and eat burgers and cheesy fries. (If you can manage it at least – the milkshake fills me up alone!)

Best for a Sunday stroll
The Downs is a lovely area to walk, or for a short stroll (a lunch time one is good!) I love Queens Square

Best Supermarket
I know, a weird heading that obviously wasn’t in Grazia’s version. But how can I say what is awesome about Bristol without talking about the talking supermarket who is a little bit crazy (or the craymart, as I prefer to call it now)? Wai Yee Hong isn’t just quite good at the Twittering though, but also sells seaweed crack and will bring it’s own snacks to a restaurant. (NOM)

Best Social Media Experiment
We do social media here quite a bit. The best way to see what is good about Bristol though is to follow @bristol52, where one citizen takes charge of the account each week and talks about whatever.

So, thats a small part of my Bristol. I know I’ve left stuff out here (I didn’t even touch on Grillstock, my new favourite lunch place – pulled pork baps omg) so what are your favourite things to do in my beautiful city?

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