Boux Avenue In Bristol

On Thursday, instead of going straight to work, I headed into Cabot Circus to meet up with Laura before heading to the press preview of Boux Avenue. I’ve known of Boux Avenue* for a while (and reviewed some items from there previously) and was excited to see the boarded up shop in the centre of Cabot Circus advertise it was to become a Boux. It’s strange to think that Boux Avenue is just over a year old, having been launched in spring 2011. The Bristol store is the 13th one to open, and there are many more planned in the next few months.

I loved Boux’s online store because of the sizing (from 30A – 40H, probably the widest range in a high street store), but the physical store is just so much better. The store is one that you’d want to look around for a while (not like other high street lingerie stores where the colours and style is one that puts you off going in, let alone staying in for a while!), and the staff not only seemed knowledgable about the products, but were friendly and approachable!

The founder of Boux Avenue, Theo Paphitis arrived about 11am to do some interviews with the press members and bloggers there – I was a little too shy to talk to him (and also, what exactly would I ask him? What his favourite cake was? How he had his tea? I mean, thats important stuff to know, but not relevant!) Laura and I nipped off at noon for a bit of lunch, and there was hardly anyone in Cabot – we thought the launch would be a bit quiet really! – but as you can see, by 1pm, there were masses of people (including La La from the Teletubbies…)

I’m so excited to have one of my favourite online stores have a physical presence in my nearest shopping centre…I know where my wages will be disappearing now!

Burn So Bright

Um, so this is an overdue outfit post with something I’ve probably worn before on the blog. *shrug*

Top (“dress”): Dorothy Perkins | Leggings: ASOS | Shoes: Primark | Handbag: Mulberry (with a Hobbs scarf)

I don’t have the hugest wardrobe, and this was a panicked wardrobe pick because despite getting up in plenty of time, I ended up with 20 mins to get ready. I’d like to blame the clocks going back, but in reality, I don’t notice it when my clocks all change automatically!

My best friend Helen is in town for a week to look after her cousin…which she mentioned just a few hours before getting the train down to Bristol! It’s been so nice to be able to spend some time with her though – on Saturday, we went to Giraffe in Cabot Circus, and of course, something was done wrong with the order…I’m starting to suspect that they just hate me in there for some reason ;) After dinner, we headed back to mine where the Singstar came out…of course. Before dinner though, I spent most of the day in Cabot Circus, having an eye test (and while not intending to buy any new glasses, ended up buying a new pair, a pair of sunglasses and going back this week for a contact lens check up!. Oops.) and having lunch with a friend at Coal, which had been on my avoid list (which really, you’d think by now that Giraffe would be on) but made up for prior mistakes with an epic plate of ribs (or #riiiiiibbbbbs as lunch was referred to on Twitter) Definitely going back there!

I spent a little money too while I was mooching about…the book was part of my 6 month late birthday present from Helen (which I prefer to think of as a half birthday present), the grey tube is the new Topshop lipstick that’s supposed to react with your natural lip colour or something, the one next to it is a Revlon lip butter (in Raspberry Pie – so pigmented!), the bottle of perfume is from Zara – only £8! – and finally, the bra was bought while I was waiting for an appointment at the Benefit brow bar in Debenhams – never again! (I asked if they could fit me in, and they said to come back in 20 mins, booking me in. I wandered about, bought things, and went back, only to have to wait half an hour with no apology. I was desperate to get my brows waxed – I’ve been growing them out but I cracked! – so waited and waited, only for the actual service to not be so great: missing hairs and putting on concealer when I didn’t ask for it is rubbish)!

This week is already looking pretty awesome – I’m only in work for 4 days, I hopefully will see my bestie again this week before she goes home, I get to see some gorgeous girls at the Aussie party this weekend and (most importantly!) I get to see my boyfriend on Friday for the first time in 3 weeks. SO EXCITED. And not just because I’ve been told about a present. I’d say it was 10% excitement of present, 90% excitement to see Alex and to not be on my own for a while…I’m going crazy! :(

Edit: So after I wrote this post about my awesome host, I thought I would send them a little something – a big box of chocs which they received today. We often talk about who provides awful customer service (in fact, I did just a few paragraphs ago!) but I think its always a good idea to say when things are awesome!

Gok Does Bristol

A few weeks ago, I was invited to be in the audience for Gok’s Clothes Roadshow in Bristol. Cabot Circus had been taken over by crowds of people just wanting to see Gok – as you can see in the pic below!

Gok came down the escalators, followed by his models, and it seemed like everyone there whipped out their camera or mobile phone

Gok came on stage and explained what was going to happen, then allowed some time to let people take photos so they wouldn’t take them during the show. He kept walking down the stage and stopping every few steps to smile for pics!

First, three ladies from the Bristol area were given a makeover earlier in the week, and it was time for them to reveal their new look. The audience was made up mostly of their friends and family (and a few bloggers like the ladies from MyStreetChic, Frances from Fashion Fantasist and SJP of Ship Shape and Bristol Fashion (who I’ve been dying to meet for ages, but we always seemed to miss each other!). We didn’t see their original looks, but from the reactions of those who knew the ladies, it must have been impressive!

After a few takes, it was time for the fashion show section. In previous series, Gok has gone head to head with Brix Smith-Start where he has styled his models in outfits costing less than £50 each, and Brix has gone for the expensive outfits, but this series, Gok has taken over the expensive outfits, and styled the models in outfits costing less than £250. Without giving away which set won or how much they cost, the collection below was my favourite – I ended up getting the dress on the far right last week because I loved it so much! (Not sure where I’m going to wear it…but I never need an excuse to wear pretty dresses!)

The Bristol episode of Gok’s Clothes Roadshow will be shown tomorrow night (Tuesday 4th October) and (hopefully, I assume this link will work!) you can find out where the clothes in the show are from here, after the show has aired.

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