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Happy Aussie-versary!

These blog posts all seem to start the same way, but on Saturday, I hopped on a train to London for another Aussie party, then a variety of tube trains – thanks TFL for shutting down everything out of Paddington except Bakerloo – and then another train to St Albans, as I was staying with the lovely Sarah (who didn’t force me AT ALL to say that) We had some lunch, then headed back to hers, picking up her friend Sha on the way. We all got ready in Sarahs room – its been such a long time since I got ready for a night out with other girls! Back on to the trains and tubes, and we ended up in Thirst with Lil and Christina. If you’re in London, I definitely recommend Thirst. Strong cocktails for less than a fiver!

The award winning (hee!) Vanessa stopped by to say hi, which was a bit more exciting that I let on. She is one of the most awesome people on Twitter, and her blog is such a great read – I was so pleased when she won a Cosmo Blog Award last week!

We went on to the venue (battling through crowds of tourists, the horrors), the Century Club. A lift took us up to the rooftop where we were met with the above – some Aussie “hunks” with glasses of champagne. They kept us well watered and fed with much champagne and yummy nibbles constantly being shoved in our faces. (A good thing too, because if there hadn’t been so much food, we would have been a lot more drunk! As it was, yeah, lets not talk about that)

There was an area set up where you could get your hair, nails or make up done – I had my hair done in curls by a chap who was apparently on the Great British Hairdresser (can you tell I don’t really watch much TV?)

It was a seriously fun night, lots of chatting to EVERYONE, and even some dancing (I fully blame Sarah for this)

Thank you Holly at Aussie and Sarah (both above!) for such a lovely weekend. More drinks and dodgy dancing again soon, please!


(photos stolen from Sarah and the 1000heads Flickr which has a mixture of photos taken by Holly and Sam, who was also the photographer at the last Aussie gathering!)

Big Big Big!

The Aussie “campaign wrap party” for Lusciously Light was only last Saturday, but already it feels so long ago!

I met Laura at Temple Meads, and we managed to grab a table seat on a packed train. Laura had never been to London on the train before, but thankfully it was a quick and pleasant trip. A short trip on the Tube later (I think we spent longer queuing for the tickets than the actual journey!), we soon found ourselves in a small circle of bloggers who were already waiting at the tube station. Soon enough, we were whisked off in black cabs on a random trip around London. (I thought cab drivers knew everywhere in London?)


The venue, Sunbeam Studios, was amazing. The was a photographer (Sam Witney who was brilliant) all set up to take a million photos of us all, a bar, a lunch buffet, candy floss, champagne tasting and of course hairdressers armed with the entire Aussie range ready to give us big gorgeous hair.


I volunteered to have my hair done first (oh the hardship) and Amber-Rose – as always! – worked some magic on my hair. I went in with slightly frizzy, slightly wavy hair, and came out with big bouncy curls.

It seemed that the end of the day came around far too quickly and Laura and I were soon on a Bristol bound train home, armed with takeaway sushi, gin-in-a-can and lots of gossip. (G&T in a can is the best invention for a train journey.)


Thank you – as ever – to Emma and Holly at Aussie for an epic event. I am so honoured to be chosen to go to these events – every time we are treated to such a fun time in a situation I wouldn’t normally encounter in my “real life” – so thank you thank you thank you!

There’s more photos on my Facebook page if you’re feeling nosy :)


I Am My Hair

On Tuesday I left work early so I could head over to Cotham. I popped into the Deco Lounge for a quick lunch (I was so hungry and after trying to think of somewhere near to the salon that I hadn’t been to before, I ended up in Deco because I knew I could get online!) then headed to the salon just up the road to meet with Laura from DaisyChainDream and Emma from Aussie. Laura and I were being treated as part of the Lusciously Light celebrations – thats what all the wiggy fun has been about recently, trying to help us decide what to do with our hair.

I knew that I wanted to get rid of the mess that red “semi-permanent” hairdye left – I last dyed my hair in January and have been desperately washing with horrid shampoos to strip the colour out – but wasn’t too sure what sort of colour I wanted or what style. I think its a sign of my TV watching habits while unemployed that when I thought about hairstyles I wanted, I thought of Sarah from Chuck, Kari from Mythbusters, Veronica Mars and…er…Hannah Montana (I kid. Not about the watching Hannah Montana bit. I’m more of a Wizards of Waverly Place or Sonny With A Chance fan.)

So here are the before shots of Laura and I:

Getting our hair done (I’m totally emailing Sarah here)

Laura went for a gorgeous reddy colour, it looks even better in person!

And me after! I had a lot of foils done to lighten my hair, then an ashy blonde put on the inbetweeny bits. I didn’t realise how heavy it would be!

I’m so pleased with how it turned out! Ruth (my stylist) did an awesome job with my hair. If you’re in Bristol, I would absolutely recommend Jon Hurst Hairdressing on Cotham Hill.

Heres Laura, Emma and I afterwards! We went to one of my favourite bar/restaurants, Goldbrick House (I ended up going there on Wednesday as well, thats bad isn’t it?) for delicious cocktails.

What do you think of our hair then?

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