Nice Surprises

So you get up at stupid o’clock in the morning to find that your iMac’s developed a purple line down the middle of the screen, your bus takes 55 mins for a 30 min journey making you late for work, theres issues and problems at work (including finally being given a date the contact will end – end of November – time to panic then), two pairs of shoes break (sob), your face resembles less like actual skin and more like the surface of the moon, if the moon was pale and red blotches and the outfit you’ve got on is uncomfortable and makes you feel about 10 stone heavier.

And all this before noon.

So when you get an email from the lovely receptionist, you’re assuming that something else has gone wrong. What you didn’t expect was to find a DHL package containing a white box with a purple satiny ribbon…

Inside was a letter and an invite from Aussie to join them on Bonfire Night on the London Eye (!!! SO EXCITED ALREADY. I’ve never been on the Eye, and where else is better to watch fireworks than somewhere overlooking the Houses of Parliament?) along with some lovely treats…a white furry muff (matching my black one I made…muff is still the most satisfying word to say. Muff muff muff.), some slippers, a heat pillow with lavender in, a tub of hot chocolate (yum) and some of their Take The Heat products along with a challenge to push the products to the limit with a style.

I’m so excited and it was a really lovely treat to cheer me up a little bit just when I needed it!


    I want it! :( Will definitely be going to that, sounds amazing from the snippets I’ve seen/read/heard.

    I love Aussie.


  2. That is an envious gift package! I want one! Happy it made your day a little bit brighter, and wayhey, that sounds like an awesome bonfires night thing to do! I haven’t even thought about it yet, eep…


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