Aussie to the Rescue!

On Wednesday, I happily left my colleagues discussing how the filing system should work so I could catch a train to London for the next Aussie gathering.

Aussie to the Rescue (#ATTR) was more about getting advice on how to achieve a certain look – there were hair stylists (the lovely Zara and Amber who’ve been at all events I’ve been to this year), a make-up artist (Jo, who had a scary amount of Max Factor make-up all over the table!) and a personal stylist (Stevey, with his black folder of gorgeous clothes)

The journey to London was pretty good, although I had my first experience of the Tube during rush hour. UGH! How do people do that every day?!

I arrived a bit too early (as usual!) and was far too self concious to go in before the time on the invite! (Probably because of the first time I went to an event and turned up an hour early!) so I found an odd cafe around the corner and caught up on some emails and that (trying to ignore the people arriving because there was going to be an open mike night at the cafe)

I finally braved going to the hotel just before 7. The event was being held in the De Monfort Suite which was AMAZING. Honestly, I would give up at least 3 pairs of shoes to live there. Amy and I went on a little wander after we’d visited all the stylists, and I think I need that bathroom at least. And maybe the bed. And the officey area. And OK, I just want a house that gorgeous.

Of course, I was handed a glass of champagne when I arrived, and was introduced to the other guests that were already there. It made me laugh, because Emma (the lady who organises all these brilliant events) was introducing me as Hayley, and everyone was going, “Oh, you’re Hayles!” I explained that I know when people know me via Twitter, because thats the only time people in the South will call me Hayles, when I was introduced to someone else who had just arrived, who said “You’re Hayles!”

So, stylists. Firstly, I went to Zara, who braided the fringy bit of my hair, then curled the rest. I’ve been trying to copy the braid because its such a neat, easy way to keep your desperately-in-need-of-a-cut hair out of your face!

Before – and after!

Next, I sat with Stevey, and asked for some advice about dressing my shape – for some reason, I just feel frumpy in everything I wear lately. Boo! He gave me some tips (which is what he is doing in the photo above) and ideas of colours and pieces that would look good on me. In the photo above, he’s pointing out that instead of buttoning my dress to the top, I should show a bit of clevage off (or risk having a bit of a boob shelf going on – my words, not his!)

Finally, I moved to Jo, who showed me quite a quick sort of look. I love having my make up done, but unfortunatly my skin reacted to the Max Factor foundation stuff the next day – which is a shame, cause it didn’t look too bad on the night!

The ATTR was a much smaller event than I’ve been to previously, which was much less intimidating (not that theres anything to be scared of!) and because I follow most of the girls who were there on Twitter and their blogs, much less introduction sort of talk (you know, its like being in the first week of uni all over again!) and more random gossiping!

Thank you so much to Emma and Lisa at 1000 Heads for putting on such a fun event, and to the lovely ladies who attended with me – Fiona, Tor, Ellie, Amy and Christina.

All photos nabbed off the 1000Heads Flickr page, because despite taking my camera, I could barely hold it. Epic fail.


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