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A short post this week, more picture heavy than wordy, because I can’t actually type properly! Last week, running for the bus (that turned out to be the other bus I can’t get ANYWAY), I wiped out quite spectacularly, and landed quite heavily on my left side. At first, my knee was giving me jip, but this week, its been my left arms turn! Its meant that I’ve had to cancel all plans this weekend (which had involved a trip to Southampton for a friends wedding – am gutted cause it would have been a big group of uni friends :( )

Yes, I am clumsy. Shh.

On Wednesday, I took a half day off work and headed over to London for an Aussie event. As you can see above (and below), I managed to get a FUTURETRAIN both ways. Oh man. FUTURETRAIN. I even love saying it.

The event was Aussie to the Rescue, and here are Amy of WolfWhistle and Ellie of Pretty Much Penniless papping me after I’d had my hair all prettified. I’m going to write a big post about it soon, but its a slow process!

On the way back, I fell asleep (I may have had a drink or two. Those cocktails were STRONG!) and woke up at Swindon to see some blokes staring at me. That might have been because I  – ON OCCASION - make snoozy noises when I snooze. And by that, I mean Alex says I snore. I don’t. Its not very lady like to snore.

Anyway. Reason for this picture above was that it was half 1 in the morning, and I was pretty pleased to see the blue dot move towards Bristol. As soon as I could see my close on the map, I was happy!

Because I got home about quarter to two, I had taken Thursday off work, and headed down to Wells for lunch with the Wife at her favourite restaurant BEAH (there would be a picture of our lunch platter, but it was too delicious) then spent the afternoon drinking tea with Carrie of WishWishWish gossiping about everything. Lovely!

This is literally just around the corner from my house. I love living this far out of town because of the lovely countrysidey-ness, but bloody hell, its an arse to get back into town. I work in Clifton, which is a 35 min + 5 min 2 bus journey. Getting to Wells took me about 40 minutes and 1 bus. Guess which journey I like better.

Alex had never played Guitar Hero until Thursday (when the dongle that Game should have sold to us but didn’t arrived from eBay). Now he seems to love it. I think its mostly because (at the moment!) he can beat me. We headed into Bristol on Sunday and picked up another guitar, Legends of Rock, Lego Rockband (far too cute) and Singstar (you know this is the one I’m most excited about. Being able to compete against my friends online? Guess how Helen and I will be spending our evenings – thats right, I’m going to KICK HER ARSE. Consider this a threat Bel.)

This weekend was the Bristol Balloon Fiesta. I’ve never actually been to the event, but at half 6 on Friday morning, I peeped outside and saw BALLOONS!

This weekend, I’ve been starting my way through this stack of books. Just finished “Anyone Can Do It” which is exactly the sort of book I LOVE (yes, massive nerd, I know) and now trying to figure out which I need most help with to read next. Money, life or time?

Because I’ve been so crap at the details thing this week, why not ask me some questions for next week? Head over to my account and ask away, lovely people!


  1. Amy says

    Haha! Lol at our pap pic. I’m working on the Aussie post too, but it’s kind of taking forever, huh? Hope your arm feels better soon! x


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