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Race for Life – The Personal Trainer Experience

So in just under 2 weeks (June 12th!) I’ll be running my Race for Life. Well, I say run…

This has been the extent of my training. Yeah. Great idea. Silly girl.
But! The lovely Jayne at Race for Life has sent me a training plan which might help. She’s sent me the walking album, which at first I was a tad offended by, but then I remembered that I’m a lazy cow, and the running idea last year was er…interesting. (Some might say a failure. Shut up)

Lucy Wyndham-Read, celebrity women fitness expert and founder of LWR Fitness, has created two workout albums especially for Race for Life. These albums are designed to give the listener a “personal trainer experience” with a six week plan to get you up to speed to do a 5k.

I’ll be reviewing these tracks over the next fortnight and will let you know what I think!

If you’d like to sponsor me, please visit my Race for Life page at

Cake or Death?

Toffee something by dichohecho

Cupcakes. Every girl blogger just loves cupcakes, right? Whenever you read a blog about any sort of blogger gathering, its sure to mention the cute cupcakes that were consumed.

Enough already! Cupcakes are fashionable at the moment, and are perhaps becoming a bit over popular. With over popularity, you get so many people entering the market place, but instead of prices dropping (as even the most basic economics lesson will teach you – more suppliers = lower prices) the prices seem to go up!

I asked on Twitter this week if I was the only one feeling this way and thankfully, I’m not. Helen at Afeitar (who is an amazing baker of cupcakes and the like – everytime she posts her latest creations, I feel like I should be baking up a storm myself!) and Lou at Lou Blogs set me off thinking about other sorts of sweet things that could be served instead. What about mini versions of British classics – tiny little jam roly polys, sticky toffee puddings, apple crumbles – yummy little bite sized brownies (which disappear far too quickly or Eton Messes (my faovurite!)

Yum! Much more variation, although still not good for the waist line. Oh well.

I can’t really blog about cupcakes and not mention the lovely little shop on Park Street here in Bristol thats recently opened, called Swinky Sweets. They do so many different flavours of cupcakes (I tried the Earl Grey tea one which was surprisingly delicious!) which makes it a bit different to the usual cupcake shops. In honour of the new Sex and the City movie, they’ve chosen two of their regular flavours and created two new ones to represent the girls.

Cosmopolitan Cupcake: Blitzed cranberries infuse vanilla sponge cake with a hint of lime zest to stand up to the sweetness. Topped with a Cranberry, Orange and Lime Frosting, the only thing missing is the Vodka! An ode to Ms Bradshaw.

Swinky’s Dirty Martini Cupcake: Light chocolate cake is wrapped in martini-chocolate frosting and drizzled in salted caramel! Elegance with a feisty kick and a potential classic. Samantha perhaps?!

Very Vanilla: Sheer simplicity. Unadulterated Madagascan vanilla pods engulf this delicate sponge cake, topped with sumptuous swirls of butter cream frosting! So light and inoffensive, it could be Switzerland! Traditional Vanilla could only be Charlotte

Triple Chocolate: Created by one big child for children and chocolate lovers everywhere, the combination of all three chocolate types satisfies even the most indecisive of individuals! Good old reliable chocolate for Miranda!

Despite what I’ve said above about cupcakes, I can’t resist these flavours!

Coco? Co! Cocococo!

I was on the bus the other day and saw the above article. I’ve seen a few things lately saying how amazing coconut water was, so I thought that next time I saw some, I’d buy it and try it. All in the interests of you, dear readers. I got off the bus, into Waitrose and look what I saw:

So here’s the collection of flavours in Waitrose. Can you make out the prices? £1.59 for this tiny little carton! But I thought, Well, it might still do some good, and if it does, then the price is justified. Yeah, call it girl diet crazy.

I got back to the office and stared at the carton for a bit. I went for the coconut water with pineapple, because I thought that at least that wouldn’t be so gross as normal coconut water.

OK, so this is about as far as I could manage. I took a few sips, and nearly spat it out! It had a weird taste, like metallically.
I ignored it for a while on my desk and it started to separate. Eugh.
So, er, my official verdict on coconut water? Just drink normal water. I never learnt my lesson from when I begged my mum when I was younger for a coconut. Coconuts are gross – unless they’re in the form of a Bounty.

Oh, and the title is from my favourite character in Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends. I spent a lot of time in the summer between my gap year and final year of uni watching crappy TV and this was one of my favourites.

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