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Quick iPhone Case

Its been a while since I’ve used the sewing machine (I was kinda put off since making ~20 meters of bunting for Lou and Naths wedding!) but I thought I should do something with this material which has been lurking around for about 3 years. I’ve put aside the main part of it for a work skirt, but there was more than enough left over to make a little iPhone case.


I cut the inner felt pocket about an inch larger all around the iPhone.


The outer fabric (the striped one) was cut larger than the felt – I was going to put some stuffing into the case to give it a bit more protection.


Sewing up the inner pocket


Stitching the inner pocket to the outer one. I left the bottom of the inner pocket unstiched so I could turn it inside out.


The finished item. I ended up not stuffing it, as it seemed that it would be too tight, but the case itself was a little larger than planned – which is fine, cause now I can tuck my headphones inside! If I were to make it again, I would probably make the outer layer larger, and perhaps make the inner layer smaller, to allow for the padding.

10 Years Online

I realised that whilst I’ve been blogging for 8 years, I’ve been online a little longer than that. A more complete version of my geek history can be found here if you’re that interested, but I thought I would share a story that hasn’t been told online before (at least, I don’t think so!)

Back when I first got online, I didn’t really know anyone except a friend from school, so I signed up for a sort of pen pal service with (if I remember rightly, they were something to do with the Arcadia group)
I can’t really remember what I put on my description/post, but it was probably quite innocently sweet and gave out my email address (a Lycos one. I feel old)

A 15 year old blonde on the Internet? Bring on the men!

I had many replies to my post, most of them quite nice, and I happily replied back to them (cause if you hadn’t guessed by now, I love writing about random things!)
I honestly don’t remember much about these emails, but there is one that sticks in my mind for quite obvious reasons.

As well as the nice emails I recieved, I had one where the sender had decided to send me a picture.
Of his penis.

I was very shocked (It was the first time I had seen such a thing! Ew!) but for some reason, decided the best thing to do (besides delete it) was to forward the email to my friend who also had the Internet. (She was much less innocent than I was!)

So the next day, I went to school, and my friend giggled about the email I had recieved. And then showed me the print out she had made of the picture. The picture was passed around our friends, because showing a penis to 15 year old girls will make them giggle a lot. (To be fair, most women will laugh, no matter what age they are) One of the girls decided to inform us of similarities and differences with her boyfriend, and we all felt slightly ill. Hooray.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the story of when I saw my first unrelated (to me) naked man.

Ode to a Sewing Machine



Oh sewing machine.
I love you. You were given to me in 2006, from a very kind lady who answered my Freecycle plea. The wife and I drove 30 miles to collect you from a tiny little beach village called Llangrannog one March afternoon. I used you quite a bit in those days, then I moved back to Chester and you were put away in a cupboard and forgotten about mostly.
I came to Bristol and after getting a little workbench set up, I used you quite a bit.
But I have been rubbish towards you lately. I’ve barely switched you on over the past few months. I’ve not been going to Stitch and Bitch (mostly because I’m afraid of the neighbourhood I walk through to get there, and I don’t drive)
But then I remembered that I like making things. And that I could do with a new skirt for work. Also that I’ve been getting annoyed with all my crap rolling around loosely in my bag (I’m a fussy neat freak in certain aspects of my life, and my handbag is one of them!) and have been meaning to make some pouches to pop things in.
Sewing machine, I promise I will use you some more. But I have no idea what to make!

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