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Since being forced by The Wife to get properly measured for a bustenhalter (otherwise known as a bra, it just sounds better in German for some reason!), I’ve been spending more time looking at pretty underwear – although because I have been measured now, I am now bigger than I thought and can’t really wear the nice stuff I love! Sigh.
Nevertheless, here are some of my favourite things…if only I had the money to buy them!



I came across Sophistikitten whilst reading The Chap (a fantastic journal, although where is the female version?) and fell in love with the 40’s style French knickers. The 40’s and 50’s are my favourite eras fashion wise, but I had never really considered the underwear from those times! Sophistikitten also sell skirts which are beautiful, and I’m very tempted by a black “Dora” (shown above) or a “Skirt-O-Matic” in gunmetal grey with red pinstripe. They don’t seem to do matching camisoles or bras yet for the knickers, but when they’re so pretty, who cares!

LouLou Loves You!


Ooh, LouLou Loves You has to be one of my favourite lingerie sites, with some gorgeous designs and delicious colours. The sizes go from A – DD or 6-16, and even if there isn’t anything that takes your pick (unlikely!), there are some beautiful accessories such as the Lola fascinator (I wish I had a wedding to go to this year now!) and the LouLou bows which can be pinned in your hair or on your outfit.
My personal favourite collections are the LouLou and Love, but I love them all!

The Modern Courtesan


Love love love this site so much! I had come across some of the items in the Sex in the City collection earlier last year (on a different website), and loved the Hot Desking skirt and Dealmaker shirt, although they were a little out of my price range. I mentioned about the beautiful stuff from Sophistikitten on Twitter, and was added by the Modern Courtesan soon after which is how I found their site. I love the Weekend in the County and the Spalicious ranges (although perhaps the spa dresses are a bit too much!)

* All images used from the websites noted


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