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Since Asda is good/evil enough to have Haagen-Dazs on special offer (£2 for a tub, om nom nom nom), we seem to have accumulated enough ice cream for a small army (or four girls)
My favourite of these flavours is the Dulce du Leche, which is a caramelly swirled ice cream, and is possibly better than the ice creams from the Ice Cream Factory. I was bored interested to find out what exactly this deliciousness was, so it was off to Wikipedia, where I found that it is a milk based syrup, and is far too delicious (OK, so Wikipedia didn’t say that last bit. I did.)

Anyway, I thought about making it myself from this recipe, but kept forgetting to buy the condensed milk. Max came home yesterday and brought me a present of a can of condensed milk. What can I say, I’m easily pleased. So I popped the can in a saucepan of water, jabbed some holes in the top and waited. After a few hours, I was bored of waiting, so I had to open it up.

This was the top of the can, which looked a bit disappointing. I scooped it out into a separate bowl, and then I hit this:

Delicious caramelly goodness!
I ended up whisking both bowls together, which made the dulce du lece slightly more runny – ideal, because I want to put this onto ice cream.
I don’t think this can really be called cooking, but its damn yummy anyway!


  1. gilda says

    whoah condensed milk with haagen daz…. it can’t go wrong! yummy yummy! i personally love choc choc chip. it’s a childhood favorite. :)


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