Ways To Cheer Me Up (part 3)

I was feeling quite down on Friday, as I had been turned down for a job which, honestly, I could do in my sleep. The reasoning for being turned down for this role was because I was too knowledgable about a lot of things relating to the sector they dealt in. (It was working in the construction department of a well known agency). Yes, you may have thought you can be rejected for a job because you don’t have enough knowledge, but it turns out if you know about legislation, payroll methods and other related matters, you can be rejected as well.

As you can probably guess, this irritated me a lot. The consultant tried to soften the blow by saying I should be looking at roles for client relationship managers, but they didn’t have anything to offer, so bye!

Writing this down, I’m actually still annoyed. Argh.

Anyway, the point of the post. I emailed one of my best friends and told her all of this, and she sent over an email with lots of pictures of David Tennant. However, my favourite was the last picture she had played about with in Paint.

This isn’t real, sadly

If someone could make this happen, it would make me very very happy indeed.



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