Oh my dear blog, I do still love you. I’ve not written on you about anything really for a while, and I feel bad. But to be honest, nothing much has happened.

I had a meeting t’other day – an agency called and wanted to see if I would be any good as a recruiter. They felt I wouldn’t be too good at recruitment because I would be crap at the hard selling. Well, yes, I agree. Its probably the main reason I haven’t been applying for recruitment jobs. Also (and as ever, this is a personal opinion since moving down to the area) I am not quite stupid enough to be a recruiter.

I am apparently quite a forgettable person. Because (linked into the annoyance above) I have had agencies where I have registered very recently calling me up to get me to go into their offices and register. One agency has done this 4 times. I’ve never heard from them about actual jobs, but ooh, they really want me to register with them. I had a conversation with another agency which (from their side) was basically “Hello, I’m calling to see if you’re registered with us. I have a job that may be suitable. Oh, you registered last Thursday? And you can’t drive? And its in North Bristol where you wouldn’t want to commute to and have specified this already? Well, thats probably why the other recruiter didn’t call you!”.
Yes, probably.

Pretty Dress
Pretty Dress

I bought this pretty dress recently, and wore it yesterday for the first time. I received quite a few compliments from people about the dress, but in Makro yesterday, I received an over compliment. The woman at the entrance who checks your membership cards was like “I REALLY like your dress. Hey, [colleague], hasn’t she got a lovely dress on? Oh its such a nice dress. You just don’t see people wearing nice dresses any more. Its so lovely” Repeat until I backed away, smiling, and eventually running to the freezer area to pick up some giant gateaux. (Gateaux? Gateauxes? What exactly is the plural?)
To be fair, its unlikely she would see people in pretty dresses working in Makro, because its a giant cash and carry place, “for professionals” so she probably normally sees people in jeans or chef whites.

My dad is getting married today. I was at the pub all day looking after my nana, and doing little things about the place. I’m excited, mostly because I get to go in a limo (well, a Town Car apparently) this arvie. The only other time I have been in a limo was for my mums funeral. Me, my sister and her friends were quizzing the driver then to see if he had a pimped up version. Sadly he did not.

There is a car outside playing the Foo Fighters VERY loud. I like the Foo Fighters, but really, when it is louder than the radio playing in my flat, theres something not quite right there.

Right, time to get ready, drink more tea and sing along to Britney Spears.



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