5 Years Of Thought

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to posts via RSS, Bloglovin or Facebook. If you’ve come straight to this post page from Google, why not check out the rest of the site? Thanks for visiting! What’s the longest you’ve ever considered a fashion purchase? I saw the Dagne Dover bags on a blog about 4 or 5…

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New Years Resolutions 2019

I do really love these posts. I know it’s uncool to have new years resolutions these days, and there will be edge lords on Twitter who will slate people who are doing something, but there’s just something nice about the start of a new year to make a change. View this post on Instagram You like my face and my…

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The 2 Things That Make Living With Others Easy?

Alex and I have lived together for nearly 9 years but it is only since implementing these two things that has made living together so much easier. Forget things like a joint bank account (although that can be useful, of course!) – these things may sound a bit dull, but it’s made all this adulting nonsense just a little bit…

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