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A 29th Wishlist


To be honest, I am less excited about birthdays as I get older. I mean, I will still have to go to work this year (the first time in at least 5 years I have worked on my birthday, which is weird), it’s just not as exciting as it was when you were a kid, and its very unlikely I’ll get a cake with a tiara on top that I can wear.

(My mum bought this for my 22nd birthday. I obviously still have the tiara.)

I’m very lucky in that there isn’t much that I really need. However, if any of the following found their way to my house, I wouldn’t complain.


Subtle Hints…

xmas wishlist 2011

Whenever anyone has asked me what I want for Christmas (and actually, for my birthday as well), I just shrug. I don’t especially need anything (well, perhaps a new pair of GHD’s, as my almost 7 year old pair are a little dodgy on the wiring) but these are things I would quite like. My choice of things here is probably a good indication of things that I’d really like but can’t justify buying myself.

Since I know that Alex reads this (Conversation on Wednesday night: “Hey you blogged” “Yes, I do that sometimes. Wait, you follow my blog?” “Yeah, its a good way to see if you’re alive or not” “…er, you do know I schedule my posts?”), all the above, please, thanks, love yoooooooou!

Whats The Birthday Version Of Santa Anyway?

No, seriously. I’m turning 28 on the 12th (WHAT. That is ridiculous. How am I 28 already? I still feel as dumb as I did at 18, just with more debt, more body weight and about the same amount of money in my purse.)

So, dear Santa like birthday fairy, I’d like the below items please, thanks, ta.

Remember! 12th September! Presents!

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