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I think you all know by now that I’m an avid Twitter user. I’ve reached ~90,000 tweets in over 4 years, and I credit Twitter with some of my best relationships and experiences. I. Love. Twitter.

When Jake was talking about starting a twitter account for Bristol similar to the @sweden account, I thought it was a great idea. Both individuals and companies are going to be taking over the account each week, so it will give people a good idea of what makes up Bristol. I like the way that you can have differing points of view each week.

Jake asked me a few questions before the launch…

How did you hear about Bristol52?
I think when Jake was first thinking about the project. I think its a great idea, to show the different types of people that live around the city.

Why did you want to get involved?
I really like the concept of the project, but also I really like talking to people, and I hope I get to meet new people in Bristol from this!

What does the city mean to you?
I love Bristol. I wanted to come here for uni, but the University of Bristol didn’t do a course that I liked, and UWE accepted me on my AS grades, which made me wonder about the quality of course! I spent a year here in my year in employment and fell in love with the city.

I wanted to come back straight after uni, but life got in the way, and I moved here finally in 2008. Bristol always appealed to me because despite being a huge city, it feels like the small towns I grew up in and went to uni.

What is your favourite event in Bristol?
Hmm…I don’t think there is one event that I could pick. I love that there are different types of meet ups available (and hopefully one of my own soon!), I love the foodie events places like Goldbrick House do (their Fabulous Food Nights are EPIC), I love events like KittenCamp and Bristol Girl Geeks that cater to specific interests – I just love meeting up with new people (well, when I’ve gotten up the courage to go to an event, of course!)

What is the worst thing about Bristol?
*sigh* First Bus is a bane of my life. I promise not to talk about them too much, but I would love to see if they would want to take one of the Bristol52 slots! Pretending that we have an amazing public transport system (a girl can dream), I think my only other issue with Bristol is that we’re ignored because we’re so close to London (well, at least for things to do with blogging, etc) I know that in the south west, we have a huge audience of female bloggers in the same genre as me, and I think brands are wasting that opportunity.

What is your favourite hidden gem in/secret about Bristol?
My latest cafe discovery of Cordial and Grace – who wouldn’t love a tea shop thats also a craft haven? (which you can read about in this blog post!)

What can we expect from your week as a Bristol52er?
Hopefully something that will make people laugh!

If you’d like to follow me (again!) I’ll be tweeting from @bristol52 until I go to sleep on Sunday night. I’ll still be on my usual account (@hayles) as well…I’ll try to keep the amount of bus tweets on either account to the minimum rage!

Five Years of Tweets

I just bought this necklace as a Twitter-birthday present to myself - click the image to go to the Etsy store!

Yesterday, I woke up to the following tweet:

Seriously, five years?

My first tweet was this:

I don’t even remember why I joined. I, like most people when they first join, didn’t really get it, but I really started using it when there were other people to talk to that I knew. (Weirdly, looking back at my Facebook Timeline, when I first joined FB, I used to write my status’ in the same way that most Tweets are written. Odd!)

When I joined Twitter, it looked like this:

and you rarely saw the fail whale back then. But, then more and more people started to join, and the whale was a familiar frustrating sight.

Twitter has been an immense help at all times. From the little things (“What should I wear today?”) to the big – and there have been many, from crazy workloads, to moving across the country on my own, to meeting so many new people, to awful jobs, and yes, you know the story already, but it is how I met my boyfriend. I’m not a very confident person in the “real” world, but on Twitter, I am incredibly chatty, and it has helped so much when I have met people outside of the Internet. Twitter has helped make my life better, and I don’t care if that sounds lame.

So, y’know, thanks Twitter. Thanks for that. Love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

I Met My Boyfriend Via Twitter…

…and he’s not (that much of) a weirdo.

On the way home from the Chap Olympiad last year

I meant to post this last week, but then I was distracted by not very much at all and forgot. So, um, better late than never?

On Wednesday, Alex and I celebrated 2 years of proper official being in a relationship type stuff. (How do I know that? Because he formally asked me out. Which is nerdy, but AWESOME – none of this “can I list him as my blokey on Facebook” type nonsense.) The way that we met is a bit of an odd story, and a lot of people are always a bit like “…really?” when they hear, so I thought I would share it with you guys.

Bathcamp is a monthly event held in Bath, and in 2009, had an actual camping weekend in Bath. I was supposed to go, but am not really the camping sort (I’m not usually such a princess, but I refuse to stay anywhere that I have to share a bathroom with anyone else I’m not sleeping in the same room as. I think thats a pretty reasonable standard to have.) I think I tweeted as such, and Alex responded with how he was supposed to go as well, but something at work had broken and he had to fix it (or something along those lines). We started tweeting to each other, then he messaged me on Facebook. I wouldn’t normally respond, but I saw that he had been to my uni, and knew a few of my friends as well. (One in particular says I can’t blame him. Yes I can, Bryn. I blame you a LOT.) The messsages (and chats via MSN) went on until he asked if I wanted to go out for dinner the next weekend.

Blog readers, I am naive when it comes to blokes. My first kiss got me to go to his room by asking if I wanted to listen to some music. It is only with this much hindsight that I can see that dinner was a first date. We went out a few more times, until he formally asked me out, and, well, that is that.

I moved in with him after 9 or so months of spending almost every weekend at his house, and everything is awesome. He makes me laugh, he drives me crazy but I love him lots :)

(This is as about as slushy and sentimental as I get.)

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