Oh Josh

I know I’m not the only one to secretly fancy Josh Groban, and not just because he’s quite good at that singing lark. The first time I heard of him was when he was on Never Mind The Buzzcocks, and did this speech:

How can you not like someone who will go on TV and instead of promoting their product, they tell you not to buy it?

I’d buy this album though:

(And of course, because I love this song)

(I’d let him duet with me on TEotH Singstar. Thats a high honour you know.)

Follow Friday

By the time you read this post, I’m on a boat! Aaaaand, its going fast aaaaaaand, I got a nautical themed pashmina afgaaaaaaan train. (Thats just not as interesting is it.) I’m off to London for the night, with the lovely ladies at Aussie who are treating my fellow Angels to a fabulous firework display on the London Eye. (What better place to watch it than above the Houses of Parliament?) Because of this, I’ll probably be a bit quiet on Twitter (for a change) so thought I’d leave you with an extended version of Follow Friday.
I’m not really a fan of Follow Friday, I must admit. Tweeting a list of names doesn’t really say just why these people are worth a glance. Sounds harsh, but think about how many lists of names you’ve seen in your timeline today.
New Twits
So many people have been signing up for Twitter recently, which is really awesome! It seems like many of my ex colleagues are hopping on Twitter as a way to fill their bleak dreary days. Bless. You should follow fuzzfielding, strideonthrough and paulpukka and keep them entertained. I think nickbrompton had something to do with that, as he’s also convinced his lovely girlfriend thehappyfatgirl to sign up as well! Paulpukka and thehappyfatgirl have both started up blogs in the last month or so, and both are very funny!
Finally, one of my Uni friends, missalyz has signed up, about 2 years after her boyfriend did! Ally is one of my favourite people in Bath, and likes tea, cakes and lovely lady things.

Angels of the North (and South)
Like I said earlier, I’m off to London to see lots of lovely bloggers, who all deserve a follow and a subscribe to their blogs. The event is being organised by yummyhair, and I’m looking forward to seeing frillsnspills, dannimoo, f1shnets, essbeevee (I know, her again. It’s a good thing I like her cause I see her so much!), wolfwhistle , saveourshoes and miss_xtina. I’m so sad though that ellietweeter is going to miss out because she’s ill :( Get well soon Ellie!

Why “Baf” instead of “Bath”? I’m from the North, and hate when people say Barth. Is there an R in there? IS THERE? No. North wins.
This year, Bathcamp was organised by my lovely friend juliancheal with lots of help from missalyz. Unfortunatly, Alex and I couldn’t attend during the day as originally planned (Well, I was going to go shopping) but we popped by in the evening to see a very funny version of Family Fortunes, and I finally got to meet t1mmyb and z303 which was really cool, since I’ve been talking to both of them for ages on Twitter! Oddest sight of the night for me though was seeing jukesie drinking from a yellow mug…I’m more used to seeing him with a pint in hand!

Hopefully from that, you’ve found someone else to follow. I’d just like to say that writing this on the iPad wasn’t my best idea ever, because the copy and paste bit is crap. Painful to say the least.

I Is For iPod; P For Progress

So me and Hayley (well, it was me) came up with the idea of guest-posting on eachother’s blog; mine being located at the “it means nothing, honest”

Once this was agreed and WordPress account set up, the problems begin: what to write about? Should it be my take on something on Ceriselle – shoes, maybe, or Bristol – or something common to my site instead?

How about a link to both. Me and Hayley are both Apple geeks. She has, as I am sure you know, an iPhone, and iMac, a Hackintosh or two. I’ve got a MacBook, two old G3 iMacs, a just-about-retro 2nd gen iPod Nano, and a hankering for the rather pointless big-iPhone-without-a-phone iPad.

So. iPods. And progress. Recently, Google introduced us to Google Wave, and Google Buzz (“Twitter but Shitter”). Neither of these have taken off brilliantly fast, especially in the case of Wave, and I point the finger of blame firmly at progressing too fast.

Think about it. Things need to come in stages so we get used to them. Look at Facebook. Every time it has changed to “the new Facebook” it has introduced a few changes that they could have done all at the same time, but didn’t. You may think this is because they hadn’t developed it that far, or hadn’t had this or that idea yet. But if they have, they still would have had to do it step by step, because too much progress in one go scares the fuck out of us.

Back to the iPod. Remember when iTunes store didn’t exist? And when it did they added each function one at a time and told us “soon you can do this, but not yet.” It’s because Apple know that if they had bombarded us with the full functionality straight away, we would have mostly been baffled by it and it would have failed.

If, when you got your first AOL account back in 1997, you could have had 20meg broadband you would have thought “I don’t need this”. If YouTube and Facebook and iChat and Twitter had all been launched on the same day, with all their current full functionalities, we would have balked at it – remember that at this time, AIM was “well futuristic”.

So they like you to think that each innovation is a natural progression. This is where we round off nicely with iPods again. I’ve noticed recently that my 4 year old Nano has developed an alarming propensity to know exactly what tune to play, when. On the way to my brothers it played Dragonforce; when I arrived at his Dragonforce was on in the house. I have a bit of lady-related grief and it plays all the songs we both love. I lit a fag just before exiting the Grafton Centre the other day and was treated to Eminem telling me he’s a criminal. I met my uncle so he could give me a birthday present and as he drove away, his iPod shuffled to the number one from the day I was born.

Where am I, and indeed Apple, going with this? It’s pacing and mirroring, basically. iPods are learning to react to us. And eventually they will start controlling us, little bit by little bit.

Then, Steve Jobs will be able to put an Apple logo on an actual brick and sell it to us for £349.99. And we’ll love it. It’s going to happen. Mark my words.

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