HtCC: Winter Calls

I love love love winter coats. You’re going to be wearing this for at least half of the year – you need to find one that’s perfect for you. If I could, I would have lots of coats in all different colours – although from my selection below, you can probably guess that they’ll all be in a certain style!

First up from ASOS, where I have bought my last three winter coats from (all still going strong and looking good!) is this purple coat with the folded over collar* (£59.50) – I love the buttons on this coat, much prettier than the usual ones that come with a coat! This red fit and flare coat* (£70) is also cute, although looks a little short here. (I like a coat that’s about knee length)

From Dorothy Perkins, this military frock coat* (£75) is again, a bit short, but would be a comfy coat for the weekend to wear with jeans. Topshop have this cute “oatmeal” coloured clasp coat* (£85) which also has a hood (I love hoods on coats) while Matalan has this red longline coat with a belt * for just £45.

Finally, from the Curve section of ASOS is this yellow coat* (£75) which I love (and obviously, instantly thought of Sarah Mia for it!) or if you don’t mind waiting a bit longer to get a coat, this cute charcoal coat* is $74.99 from Modcloth (although you will end up paying duties and tax, sob)

If these are a bit expensive for you, why not have a look at A Thrifty Mrs’ post about purse friendly coats.

Stand Tall

I’ve blogged before about high street tall ranges. I didn’t realise it was a situation that could get worse, but somehow, it has.

I’m not an especially tall person. Most of my friends are a similar height or taller than me and yet more and more stores are losing their longer length items.

I asked on Twitter which stores do or did a tall range and got the following list:

  • Topshop
  • Dorothy Perkins
  • Next
  • New Look
  • Long Tall Sally
  • Evans

Topshop is great if you fit into their sizes – which unfortunately, I don’t (and haven’t for quite a while) Even when I could squeeze my bum into their Baxter jeans, it was the only thing I would buy from there, since everything else seemed to be high prices and low quality.

Dorothy Perkins is one of my favourite shops to go to, but the Cabot Circus store at least doesn’t seem to have had a tall section for a few months. I asked on Twitter about it, but was told the tall range had just been incorporated into the rest of the store.

Next isn’t a store that I go to very often – I still see it as expensive and for older people: I know that my view of the store is the same as it was 10, 15 years ago, and that they are becoming more fashion forward, but whenever I go into the store, I never see anything that I would actually wear.

New Look used to be my other staple for clothes, but I popped into the Cabot Circus store recently after they had a reshuffle of departments, and the tall section had disappeared. Their quality varies as well, but their prices have been slowly increasing as they become more of a big name. (I still remember how cheap they were over 10 years ago, when I’d go shopping with my Mum and we’d always go to New Look so we could both get something new!)

Long Tall Sally isn’t strictly a high street store, but it is probably the only place that will cater to those super tall girls any more. Topshop always did a 36″ leg in jeans, and started to do a 38″ one last time I looked, but for anything longer, you probably have to go to a specialist store – which isn’t the best way to make a girl feel good about themselves!

Evans apparently had a tall range, which to me makes sense, since most of the “plus sized” women I know are also very tall, but seems to have disappeared as well. This seems like a huge missed opportunity for Evans, but since they are pretty much the only plus sized retailer on the high street, it doesn’t seem to affect them greatly!

I emailed Dorothy Perkins, New Look and Evans to ask where their tall ranges had gone, and received the following responses:

Dorothy Perkins:

Actually, DP never replied to me. Kinda rude actually.

New Look:

Thank you for your recent e-mail regarding our Tall Range.
We are always grateful to receive feedback and appreciate you taking the time to bring you concerns to our attention. I can confirm that your query has been forwarded to the Buying Team for their future consideration.
Unfortunately, if a particular range doesn’t sell well in a particular store it will be removed. I can confirm that all of our ranges are available online and via our new Click & Collect service


Unfortunately, we do not stock Tall range currently. However, I have passed to our Buyers for their information.


I’m afraid it isn’t possible for us to advise whether or not a certain size will fit you or whether a certain brand comes up big, small or true to size as everyone’s perception can be different.
Also, brands and styles of clothing do not fit people of different sizes and frames in the same way.
I would suggest that you order the size you think will fit best and if it doesn’t suit you, you can return it and re-order it in a different size or return it to us for a refund.
Just in case you need it, our size guides can show you how to measure yourself to avoid ordering an incorrect size. You can click the links for women or men.

So basically, of all the stores asked, only ASOS said that they sort of catered to those who were as tall as the model shown. The other stores say they have passed the info on to their buyers – but honestly, if they thought that no one was buying the stock before, then why would they bother to bring the ranges back in store.

It almost feels like going back to the dark ages of high school, when I had trousers that would be sold as 7/8th length these days, but were in reality just too short.

Review: Celia Birtwell

(Sorry, this post is quite picture heavy, but its such a beautiful book, I had to share!)

I have to be honest, before she collaborated with Topshop in 2006, I had never heard of Celia Birtwell. Even before receiving this book, I knew the name, and the general style, but not much more. This is the first time a book has been published about Celia, and its a fascinating story about how she has gotten to where she is now.

This is very much a coffee table kind of book – as you can see from my pictures, theres quite a lot of pictures and graphics in here, but how could you write this sort of book otherwise?!

I knew of the Topshop collections, but it was interesting to see that the patterns used in those collections were ones originally created in the 60’s.

I loved the interior design section of the book, explaining how she made the move over to home fabrics, and giving glimpses into her own home (above)

This book is available from Amazon* (of course)

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