Keep or Return: Meadow Flowers

Its unusual that I would buy something from Topshop, but even more so when I’m considering taking it back!

I popped into Topshop last weekend, looking for the stripy maternity dress Jen posted recently. I found one in my size, but it *swamped* me. Which made me feel great for about 5 seconds before I remembered that it was a maternity dress!

I also picked up this dress, and was pleased that it fitted me, but I’m not sure whether its actually flattering and age appropirate (ugh, what a phrase) I’m 28 in September, which makes me feel ancient, and while this dress is cute, I’m not sure if a nearly 30 year old should be wearing such a cutesy print? Does that make sense?

Another possible reason why I bought it is that while I was browsing the sales racks at Topshop, I passed by two girls and one said to the other “Shouldn’t she be at Evans?”. I was a little stunned – I was probably the largest person in there at the time and the only person who was near these girls, but who says that sort of thing, out loud, in the middle of a shop?! Its nearly two weeks since it actually happened, but I am still quite – not angry or upset anymore, but annoyed I guess that someone thought it was OK to say that sort of thing in public.

I am not usually a fan of Topshop for the way they target an audience (whoever thought the above picture was a good choice was crazy, which was removed yesterday from the site apparently [sorry, thats a Daily Mail link]) but if these are the sort of people they attract, I think I’ll shop elsewhere – I’m too old for high school bitchyness.

So, keep or return?


  1. Harriet says

    Keep! The print is lovely, and I think it’s perfectly age appropriate, there’s no reason to return it unless you feel uncomfortable.

    Also the picture of that model is just awful. Urgh, too too thin. For once I’m agreeing with the Daily Mail!

    • Harriet says

      Having read more about the furore over the Topshop picture I feel I shouldn’t have put my last comment like that. The model may well be perfectly healthy, but I don’t think that picture looks healthy. Everyone can be photographed at a bad angle, I wish Topshop could have used one which made her look better.

    • Hayley says

      Heh, I’ve just said the same thing to someone on Twitter. The model may be naturally slim (looking at other images, she looks fine) but this image was a poor one to choose for a brand aimed at young women. Quite irresponsible Topshop.

  2. Maria says

    I like the dress and I think it would suit you! I can’t believe they said that though, I am going to “send them beats” as my brother would say :P

    Maria xxx

  3. The Girl says

    Oh my god what a set of little witches.

    Love the dress, keep keep keep.

    That image from the website actually makes me want to be ill. She looks like an alien. I have no desire to look like an alien.

  4. Elle says

    Personally I think it looks nice. It’s not a print that’s overly ‘cute’ – it’s not as though you’re wearing Lolita fashion or anything (I’ve seen girls wear this when they’re our age and it’s funny as hell). It’s a nice dress. As for the cows in TopShop, I’m glad I don’t shop there. :(

  5. Kat says

    This print is gorgeous! If it makes you feel good when you wear it- KEEP! And those bitches in Topshop will hopefully be bitten in the ass by karma soon, can’t believe they said that! The shot of the model they’ve used is pretty horrific, and as you said in an earlier comment, very irresponsible of Topshop.


  6. Leia says

    I think it’s a very pretty dress, though I’m not generally a fan of topshop either, but (excuse my language) WTF is wrong with those girls???? That is NOT appropriate behavior at ALL – if you have to say something snarky at all can you not at least have the decency to lower your voice or say it at another time? Are their self esteems so low that they have to hurt someone else’s feelings in order to feel better about themselves? This is absolutely disgusting. I’m only sorry I wasn’t there because I would have certainly gone and given them a piece of my mind.

  7. Sef says

    You should have told them that they should be shopping in mothercare, preparing for their inevitable teenaged pregnancy.


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