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7 Things You Never Needed To Know

I keep getting tagged in this meme, meaning to do it and then forgetting all about it. So I’m sorry Aimee Marie, Dani Johanna and Ephemeral Baby, but have lumped you all together as one because, honestly, I don’t think theres 3 interesting things about me that you lot don’t already know, never mind 7 or 11!

So, to mush up everything, here are the rules of this meme:
* Thank and link back to the people who awarded you and then apologise for being so rubbish (soz)
* Write seven random things about yourself
* Award this to amazing bloggers: Well, can I cop out here and just say YOU. Yeah, you.
* Answer the questions given to you by the sender
* Create new questions for the next people to answer

So! Random facts that you probably already know:

  1. My birthmark is hideous. No, really. Its about the size of a 50p (or maybe a tub of Carmex), its at the top of my left leg and its (ugh) furry like a mole.
  2. I couldn’t swim until I was 15, when I was forced to do remedial swimming. (Did you know there was such a thing? Nor me) I’m still not that great, but I can do a bit of backstroke.
  3. I got an A at GCSE French, despite an argument with the teacher who wanted to put me into the foundation group. I told her it was because I knew I could get the grade. Truth: the boys in my class were cute.
  4. My choice of university was influenced by a boy too – but they didn’t do the course I wanted. I visited the city anyway after my first year, fell in love with the actual place…and moved there 6 years later.
  5. When I was 10, I fell and smashed my front tooth. The dentist removed the root with not enough anaesthetic and after a few (a LOT) of bodged repairs, I have a full set of teeth, but that’s why I don’t like smiling in photos. (And also why I haven’t been to a dentist in 10 years. I know.)
  6. I can’t actually touch type. (edit:I type fast, I don’t type “properly”)
  7. I’m still a little sad that I can’t buy my favourite bread in Bristol (without going to Costco) and that my favourite spread is no longer made. Might sound odd, but one of my fondest memories of Mum is that when we’d been to Sainos for a loaf, we’d come home and have the first fresh slices with a bit of margarine on.

And so to Jo’s questions…

If you could change anything in your past, would you?
Besides the obvious? If I had the benefit of hindsight, I’d probably be better with money, and be more brave.
What is one of your standard meals at home during the week?
Sausage and mash. Actually, I think we’re having it tonight!
What was your favourite childhood cartoon?
Jem. We had one VHS of two episodes, I’m surprised the tape didn’t wear out, we watched it so much!
What song reminds you of a happy time?
Summertime by Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff. My memory seems to put me on Barmouth beach listening to that.
What is your favourite comfort food?
Chilli. Ooh, or mashed potato, but the instant stuff from Lidl with the onions and croutons. Don’t judge me.
What is the nicest smell you can think of?
Parma violets!
What is your favourite joke?
Anything cheese pun related.
(eg) What cheese do you hide a horse in? Mascarpone!
What was the last gig you attended where you sang along with the band?
…I can’t even remember the last gig I went to!
What was the last film that made you laugh a lot?
Last film I watched, Despicable Me. Impossible not to laugh! Bapple.
If you had a weekly column in a newspaper, in what newspaper would it be and what would you write about?
Hahahahahahahah. Oh Jo. Y’know, I think I’ve answered this recently.
If you could hypnotise people, what would you help them do?
Not smoke? Be more awesome?

(edit Oops. I forgot the questions that you lot are supposed to answer. Pretend that this isn’t here and these questions were here the WHOLE time)

  • What’s your go-to outfit for any occation?
  • What’s the first thing you install on any new phone/computer/something electrical?
  • If you could be eating any meal in the world right now, what would it be?
  • Whats your favourite comic (web or print)
  • Whats the first thing you do when you wake up?
  • What made you start blogging?
  • Whats the recipe that you know you can always knock together quickly when you need to bake? (Sweet and savoury!)

My Alphabet

Kat did this on her blog a while ago, and I thought I’d join in, because I’ve not done any meme type stuff for ages (and I’m feeling lazy)

A. Age: 27. So old.
B. Bed size: We only have a double at the moment, which is usually mostly taken up by the dog (how can a spaniel take up half the bed?!) but I’m still thinking about the amazing giant bed we had in the hotel in Palo Alto. It was about 7 foot wide. I need it now.
C. Chore you dislike: Washing up. Which is a bit of an arse at the moment because our dishwasher is on the blink.
D. Dogs: They’re great. Except when they take up half the bed, or steal the socks off your feet.
E. Essential start to your day: Cup of tea, of course.
F. Favourite color: Purple – I still secretly want to be in the Unicorn Club*.
G. Gold or silver: Silver, or white gold.
H. Height: 5’7″ and a bit. That extra bit is important of course
I. Instruments you play(ed): I used to take lessons for the guitar, and had an electric guitar, but I was never any good.
J. Job title: Er… I don’t actually know. Finance spreadsheet poker?
K. Kids: Oh hells no, not right now.
L. Live: South Bristol with the boyfriend and the dog. Its quite nice here.
M. Mum’s name: Sheila.
N. Nicknames: Hayles is the main one really, my dad calls me H as well but that just gets confusing because his nickname is H as well!
O. Overnight hospital stays: I don’t remember ever staying overnight! I’m very lucky.
P. Pet peeves: I can’t think of any, but I do have to do certain things in a certain way. Thats not weird, right?
Q. Quote from a movie: “Hey there little girl, beauty secrets?” < I keep saying this line from Josie and the Pussycats* to the dog for some reason.
S. Siblings: One little sister, and a stepbrother that I’ve only met a few times.
T. Time you wake up: When I’m not a jobless bum, half 6. Otherwise, whenever A gets up, he makes so much noise getting ready!
U. Underwear: Matching, always.
V. Vegetables you don’t like: I honestly can’t think of one!
W. What makes you run late: Paranoia. I’m always so worried that I’ll leave my straighteners on and burn down the house, or leave the house unlocked that I have to go back to check!
X. X-rays you’ve had: Only dental ones – despite being incredibly clumsy, I’ve never broken anything (touch wood!)
Y. Yummy food you make: CAKE.
Z. Zoo animal favorites: Okapi! Look at them, poor mixed up beasts.

Five Things

Ah, meme time. Not at all a way for me to procrastinate from doing something useful.

The very lovely Zoe gave me five words she wants me to explain more. The words she gave me were ceriselle, crafty, tea, Bristol, race-for-life (“hey, if I use hyphenation it’s one word :-P”)


ceriselle is the name of my website (well, its a nameless site, thats the domain name. I get confused on that sometimes.) I’ve had this domain name for a few years now, and it replaced ceriselle is a made up word, from the French words cerise which means cherry and elle which is normally a female thing (its been a while since my French classes) I like it because its a very curvy word! And why is it in lower case? Because it just looks a bit odd to me when its capitalised!

I’ve always been a bit of a crazy crafty lady. The earliest thing I can remember doing is some jewellery making when I was about 7. I don’t just mean threading plastic beads onto a bit of elastic, but making earrings with fish wires and head pins. I picked up jewellery making again when I was looking after my mum in 2005 (it was something to do in the day, not working is surprisingly dull!)

Tea is a massive part of my life. Honestly. I couldn’t make it through the day without at least 3 cups. I think the true addiction started in our final year at university, when I lived with Zoe’s husband James. We would take it in turns, along with another housemate Ed to make tea – we got through many many cups, especially around essay and exam times!

I’ve written about why I chose to move to Bristol a few times, there are just so many reasons why I am here! My dad and his wife live about a mile away, quite a lot of my friends from uni live around here and its just so different to Chester (my home city) in so many ways!

Race for Life
Of course, Race for Life is an important thing to me at the moment. Cancer Research is something I support because my mum and both my grandfathers died from various smoking related cancers. (Its also why I hate smokers, obviously). Doing the Race for Life is my way of supporting a charity I like. The other charities I support are Macmillian and Help for Heroes.

If you would like to take part, comment on this entry and I shall try to think of five things I want to know more about from you!

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