The Usual Update

Ugh, I am so so rubbish at updating lately!
It was Louise and Nathans wedding on Saturday, so I’ve been busy sewing lots of bunting (sewing 14 metres of bias tape in one sitting – not fun!) and having SERIOUS debates in the middle of places like Hobbycraft and the party shop in the Galleries about what shade of blue should the balloons be, and what sort of ribbons to have on the poles so you notice them instead of walking into them (side note: the poles were actually amazing for swinging around. I was practicing at 10am on the morning of the wedding.)
There were some other lame ass excuses I was going to use, but, um, I forgot.

Today is Shrove Tuesday, or Pancake Day if you are not that religious. I managed to have two quite mis-shapen pancakes, which were so good with lemon and sugar. Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, which is the start of Lent, and I’ve just decided to give up chocolate for Lent. Am I stupid and crazy and going to break this promise in the first week? Hopefully not.
I bought a medium sized bar of hazelnut Milka at lunch, and just made myself eat half of it, because I’m not going to have any chocolate for 40 days. Now I feel a little sick. Ew.

Bullet (Point) Time

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the sound of a Hayley who is feeling so very very…well, meh

It feels like everything thats been going on in the past few weeks – hell, the past few months! – has finally caught up with me and hit me with a good dose of exhaustion, aches and a little tonsillitis just for a laugh. Oh, and eczema. Which is new.

So, in brief, because I’m a lazy biatch, here’s some bullet points of things that are happening

  • I’m off to t’Creech (which is a teeny little village just past Shepton Mallet, or Mallayyyy if you are being exotic) this weekend to help Louise out with some wedding stuff. I honestly can’t wait, because not only do I get to spend a weekend crafting, playing on the Wii and teasing the kittin, I also get to spend time with Lou Lou and drink gin and have her tell me I have been a silly moo cow.
  • I am far too excited about getting away from the city. I feel like theres something wrong with me.
  • Work is good at the moment, playing with lots of computers (and was far far too excited last Friday when three 24″ iMacs appeared. I lined them up on my desk and tried to keep them. Unfortunately pretty much everyone who went past me said I couldn’t try and steal one. What, like I was going to shove it up my top?!)
  • I’ve worked out a deal with Tim at work where I make the boys coffee, and he doesn’t make fun of me. As he said, a flaw in his personality is working out well for him, but I am enjoying the relative peace and quiet.
  • I had an excellent random night out last Friday, where the original plan was to meet Charlie for a glass of wine after work, but which turned into drinking half a bottle of wine, cocktails, a looot of vodka and some gin. Oh dear. Bad girl.
  • I am on a proper old school music kick at the moment. Right now I’m listening to Savage Garden. I remember buying their debut album in Little Rock, AR 10 years ago exactly on tape. Man, I am oooooold.
  • I am keeping up with my Project 365, although my pictures are a bit yawn at the moment cause of the lack of energy. Suuuuuuucks.
  • I am in LOVE with the new series of Scrubs. Seriously. If you’re a Scrubs fan (and honestly, who isn’t?) get watching Series 8 because it is Ah. Maz. Ink. Episode 2 set me off into tears, and actually, Episode 4 did a bit too. I am such a girl.
  • Speaking of being a girl, I ordered a hula hoop last night, in the greatest colour combination ever – sparkly pink and blue. It fills me with a scary amount of gleeeeeee! I informed Ed of this last night and he said I was such a girl. Um, well, I kinda hope so, because otherwise these things that make my tops go out quite a bit would be a bit wrong.
  • I don’t get why theres such a fuss about British celebrities all getting on the Twitter bandwagon. The thing I find weirdest are those who will @reply to the celebs to try and get a response. Maybe not weird, but a little sad.
  • The iPhone is just the best thing to have ever – I can blog, check my eBay and tweet from anywhere. Which means I do just because I can. Standing by the cheese counter in Sainos? Time to check if I’m still winning that scanner.

I’m so exhausted that its half 9 and I need to go to bed. Utter, utter fail.

Forgetting Enron

I was talking with the guys at work about some auditing stuff on Monday – its time for the BIS external audit – and one of the guys was trying to remember which of the Big 4 companies would be auditing us. “I’m sure its Sarbanes Oxley” he said. Being the SOx nerd I am, I corrected him automatically.
“Sarbanes Oxley is actually the legislation that was brought into place in 2002 in America, mainly as a reaction to the corporate governance failures that lead to the collapse of companies such as Enron and Arthur Anderson”
This little spiel just sort of fell out of my mouth in a burst, without a thought. The guys looked at me oddly.
“Ah, we forget you actually know stuff”
And sometimes, I do. My job at the moment doesn’t require any use of my degree, but one of my favourite companies to study at uni was Enron. It all started in first year, when Louise and I were sitting in Cafe Perv, sipping on mochas between lectures, and reading the newspaper. There was an article about a new book that was coming out – Pipe Dreams – and it gave a brief overview of who Enron was, and what had happened. This really interested me for some reason, and I started to read more and more.
In second year, I took an auditing module mostly because Enron was the case study and coursework. My friends were just as pleased as I was about this, because they knew I had a stash of Enron related books at home.
I recieved a first for that essay, along with a note from the lecturer basically saying that there was stuff in my essay that he had to look up to check on! Thats when you know you have a problem.
Even now, I smile when I see a story or a TV show referencing the Crooked E. I was just as upset when I heard about Ken Lay’s (the CEO of Enron) death as I was when I heard about Heath Ledgers. Oddly enough, Monday nights episode of the Simpsons – Special Edna – had this rollercoaster in it…well, I don’t need to explain it to you when theres a YouTube link!

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