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Bag Lady

If you made me choose any type of accessory to live with forever, giving up the rest, I’d probably say bags.

I know, what happened to my shoe obsession? I love shoes, but a bag will never cause you pain, or make you trip and look stupid, or make you look like you need the toilet. A bag will hold everything you need and will always have just what you’re looking for…well, as long as you packed it.

There were so many beautiful bags on arms at LFW this year, but I’ll limit myself to just two. One, I love the brand, and the other, I love the idea (and the design).

It would be remiss of me to talk about bags this week without mentioning Mulberrys most talked about design. The Del Rey was designed for Lana Del Rey, a singer who seems to polarise a lot of opinions. I didn’t actually realise who she was until a few weeks ago when I heard “Video Games” on Radio 1

I don’t hate the bag like some people do. I don’t really see the connection between the singer and this bag (but then I didn’t really see the connection between Alexa Chung and the Alexa until you saw her eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeverywhere with one. Does she still carry one?) and don’t really understand why Mulberry are attaching her name to the bag when all other bags are just random girls names (still waiting for a Hayley or even a Gina bag…) but its a reasonable shape, and I love the petrol blue in the top left (that one definitely would have been my mums choice just for the colour)

I’ll probably be having a look (and a stroke…wait…no, that sounds fine) at the bag when it appears in the outlet store or at my local concessions, but if I were to choose a Mulberry bag in this style, I’d rather go for the Neely or the Harriet.

From a well known brand to a designer who isn’t so high on the publics radar, I think I’ve fallen in love with this bag by Richard Nicoll. It was announced last year that he would be partnering with Vodafone for his 2012 collections, and this was part of the AW12 set.

From the outside, its a pretty but simple looking bag, but open up and inside you’ll find chargers for your phone – the bag itself can hold a charge to replenish your phone (or iPad I guess!). This is the sort of thing I love – and what I think should be included in a technology column written by a female: its technology being used in a non standard way but in a way that could really help so many people – perhaps its just for phones at the moment, but having a portable battery pack like this could be useful in many situations.

(Hey Vodafone, I’m a loyal customer coming up for renewal…if you can hook me up with the above bag, perhaps in silver or purple, then I’ll stay with you a bit longer ;))

Things I Did In London

The view from the train as I waited. This is on the way to my stepmums old pub which is a really weird area of Bristol

So this weekend, I headed down to London. Originally when I planned my little trip, I hoped to go to shows and the exhibition, but except for a query from BFC 3 weeks ago (“What is your blog URL”…seriously, its all over the application. I honestly wondered if they were trying to be funny), I heard nothing about my application, so thought “Stuff it” and went anyway to see some of my favourite girls.

Thankfully, Vanessa (have you read her blog? WHY NOT GO AND READ IT NOW and then if you’re a super editor type then you should totally hire her, pay her millions of pounds and then she can buy me a pony.) was kind enough to let me stay on her sofa bed, because hotels are expensive, and I prefer to spend money on things like food.

I dropped my stuff at her house, a quick change later and we headed into the city. She had some errands to run, so I headed to Somerset House and spotted the gorgeous Jazmine straight away. Starbucks was a much needed stop, then we headed back to see if we could see any bloggers at Somerset House.

Perhaps it was the rain, but there was barely anyone about, so as soon as Sarah turned up, we headed over to Piccadilly Circus so we could gatecrash 1000Heads‘ “Holly Collins Show” and see the lovely Holly who is awesome and I wish I saw her more. (That pretty much goes for everyone I mention in this post.)

With time to kill, we um…walked faster than normal to Thirst, Sarah’s favourite London bar because the drinks are big, strong and reasonably priced. With 4 drinks on the table for £18, we had a bit of a gossip then walked (a little more wonkily) over to Covent Garden for dinner.

I had emailed and tweeted out that anyone was welcome to join us for dinner at Byron on Friday night, and we had a nice little group – Hannah has some silly photos from dinner but get 6 girls together, give them booze and food, and you get a good gossip session. (Oh, and give them an awesome waitress. Ailbhe at Covent Garden was so awesome.)

My phone died, so with Christina’s help, I hopped on a bus for the first time ever. SCARY. But cheap, and direct. Felt like I was the greatest person ever by being able to get a bus in London.

Drinks at Thirst. Its not arty, its a “I can’t be bothered to take a proper picture”

On Saturday, Vanessa and I walked from Hackney to Shoreditch (about 4 miles?) which was awesome – I rarely see London besides the obvious touristy parts, and it made me feel like I earnt breakfast at The Diner which I’ve been dying to try since seeing so many tweets from Reena. (It was OK. No Rocotillos though.)

I left Vanessa and headed back to Somerset House to see if anyone was about (that sounds really lame. But…thats how I feel about LFW as a whole. You have to ask to go to someones promotional show, ask to go to see things that will be for sale – it generally feels like you’re constantly a little kid asking for friends and to go to parties) then met Sarah and Fiona for some mexican food at a random little restaurant in Covent Garden. (Food was OK, but it was expensive and not very good service.)

Headed back to Vanessa’s, but managed to get the wrong bus (no longer felt like I knew everything about transport in London ever) and found myself in Stoke Newington. I don’t know where that is.

Vanessa took me to a random party in Shoreditch (…I think) which was fun – much better than the last time I went out anyway! I got back about half 2 and ended up talking to Alex on Skype till 3ish about storage. Oh yes. This is romance.

Sunday was much less stressy – we headed to a nearby market for this Japanese omelette type thing (SO GOOD) then I came home.

The Moomin shop in Covent Garden. AMAZING. But SO expensive!

And yes, these are all the photos I took this weekend. The curse of Sarah and I happened once again.

Thank you again (again again) Vanessa for letting me stay, and if you don’t already know how awesome she is, she is doing a swimathon for Marie Curie soon, and you should totally sponsor her.

Some New Sensation

Too lazy today to do an outfit post. I tried, but, blah. Have been trying to think about what to wear next month – London Fashion Week has made its way around again, and instead of the one day I managed last year, I’m going to be in London for three days. You may find this odd, but thats (a) the longest I’ve ever spent in London, and (b) the first time I’ve ever been to London and not had any definite plans. I’m incredibly excited, and trying to organise myself to see as many lovely people as possible – I’m hoping to get everyone together on one night for dinner like last time and I’ve been eying up various places that I keep hearing about from other bloggers and never go to – the Diner, anyone?

Above is a little collage of the things I’ve bought lately (or am considering) – a few dresses from ASOS, a dress from COS (I love this, its a similar shape to my many other dresses, but with a strong waistband), a crocheted collar, a gorgeous coat. The shoes, surprisingly, are the only things unbought – I’m trying to hunt down a pair of sparkly brogues – Primark had them on sale for £3, but not in my size – and another pair of shoes with a high, thick, heel that are comfortable. Am I hoping for the impossible?

I’m not even sure yet if I have a pass, or tickets to any shows, but I’m really excited about going, because I know I’ll get to see people I never see. Damn living on the other side of the country!

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