Oh No, Not More LFW

I know, I know. Even I am glad the madness that is LFW is over for another season. Don’t worry though. This isn’t going to be borrowed images and my opinions, or blurry dark images of half a models head, but more about my day. I didn’t take many photos outside of the exhibition, and I’m not even sure on which of those I can share just yet, but that will all get explained.

I woke at my normal work getting up time on Friday, and took my time in getting ready, then panicked before getting the 8am train. A short train journey (still slightly bitter that it’s quicker for me to travel to London than it is for me to get from one side of Bristol to the other) and a few stops on the tube later, I found myself at sunny Somerset House surrounded by gorgeous stylish people…to say I felt out of place would be an understatement. I collected my pass and realised I needed to be over at Swarovski in half an hour so back to the Tube I went.

I don’t hide my surname online anymore, but it was still very strange to see my full name next to my blog address!

My original plan for Friday was to go to London for the IFB conference, but that was unfortunatly cancelled. A smaller scale talk was held instead at the Swarovski building on Great Marlborough Street, which was beautiful inside. I want all of the sparkly things in cabinets!

The first people I saw when I went upstairs were Carrie and Lucy – its always nice to walk in somewhere and see a friendly face! I was handed a glass of champagne (it was only noon – I managed to beg a cup of tea out of them later on!) and chatted with lots of new people – as ever, I am hopeless with names, so I apologise for that!

Shini from Park & Cube, Mattias from Bloglovin’ and Suzie from Style Bubble

The discussions were interesting; I just don’t know how they would relate to me (or indeed most of the audience.) Without being disparaging to the other attendees, you had these bloggers on the panel who are almost brands in their own right talking about how they’ve done major campaigns with brands to a group of bloggers who perhaps don’t have quite the same pull.

After the event was over, we headed back to Somerset House, where Winnie and I checked out the exhibition – some seriously beautiful items there, I took the majority of my photos here. I would put up some posts about the items, but I didn’t get details for some of them, and I think its a nice idea to ask before I show some of the SS12 items that were there! We then hung out in the courtyard with lots of lovely ladies like Sarah V, Jen, Sarah Betty, Jazmine, Tor, Reena, Vicki and Lily. (I know I’m missing people there, damn!)

This was my first London Fashion Week, so I was just excited to be there, but I did feel at a disadvantage for having “UK Blogger” on my pass. Bloggers were separated out from the press this season, for the first time I believe, and this meant that we were restricted from many of the activities surrounding the shows. Basically, the blogger pass just about got you into the exhibition. Which, as I said, was interesting – but part of the reason why I’m reluctant to share my images from there is because I’ve forgotten a few of the companies. In the press goody bag (the Mulberry printed one), I believe there was a book of exhibitors, which would be really useful (especially if theres a map in there) but of course, we were not given these.

Personally, I don’t understand why this restriction was put in place. Perhaps some bloggers last season were pushy and only there for the freebies – but then how do you explain how so many of the SS12 Mulberry tote bags have appeared on eBay in the last few days? I know some bloggers were able to get just the bag (myself included), but I doubt any of them would sell the bag on – I know I wouldn’t. I have heard from some of my friends that they were blocked from finding shelter when it poured down on Saturday – definately not cool. If a PR or a brand decides that a blogger is a welcome guest, I don’t think that the BFC/event organisers should be deciding whether they can take shelter or not! I hope that the organisers take note for next season and improve how bloggers are dealt with – either become more selective on which bloggers you give passes to (the registration criteria this year seemed to vary depending on who was applying – I heard some people had to provide stats, but I don’t recall doing that), provide a better selection of what a blogger can access (at the very least, providing a list of exhibitors and locations!) or just don’t have bloggers at all.

Edit: Shini (as in, yes, one of those bloggers on the panel above) had problems with the blogger category, you should read that post for better examples.

Love this pic of Winnie, me and Jazmine :)

We went for dinner at Pizza Express around the corner, but I had to dash off early because of my train home. A few gininatin’s and a movie on the iPad, and I was back in Bristol before I knew it!

It was so amazing to see so many of my favourite bloggers all in one place, and I have to especially thank Winnie for being my fashion week guru! Can’t wait to see everyone again :)


  1. Eve Maria says

    Interesting post. I’ve bookmarked your site to read later (should be working now, oops!) but I saw on your about page that your web history is similar to mine- I’m also an old LJ-er and used to run the site The Buffy Files a long time ago! It’s funny how so many of us migrated over to blogs.

  2. Winnie says

    I kind of love this post Hayley! Though the LFW dramas not so much. It’s funny how much it changes from season to season. With the tote bags, some were actually on Ebay before Fashion week even started (selling for £35 no less!). So it does make you wonder what on earth is going on there and seems as though it’s the ones behind the scenes who seem to be profiting from this- rather than bloggers who in the past only gained a couple of bottles of Vitamin Water. I suppose this is all different now too, which doesn’t particularly bother me.

    You’re right about the whole IFB thing, it was so interesting but I did wonder how it applied to the other people in the room too. Only a smattering (maybe one or two) would have gained from the business aspect of blogging- most of us are just happy to have our little space on the internet to write down our thoughts. It was really more of an insight into how they worked really which is a marked different between UK blogging and US blogging. I loved every minute of it though and you were great company!

    Absolutely adore that photo of you, me and Jazmine, we look so happy!


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