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HtCC: iPhone 5 Cases

My old iPhone 4 was looking a little battered after 2 years, and it was time to upgrade. Alex bought me an iPhone 5 on Monday for my birthday present, and I love it. I hadn’t thought the previous models as heavy and bulky, but next to the new phone, they feel like bricks.

My problem at the moment is that I don’t have a case and there aren’t any cute cases in stores yet. Truly a first world problem, I know.

If I have any patience to wait for delivery though, I’m tempted by one of these…

iphone 5 cases

The stripy Kate Spade case* is my favourite (although the polka dots* is a close second – I have the black with white dots on my iPhone 4), along with the monogrammed one* (or even the gingham one*, which is a lot more stylish than any of my primary school dresses) but these aren’t available until December and Nordstrom are charging about the same amount as the case for shipping and duty. Society6.com has a huge range of cases (like the clover case at the top or the chevron case underneath) – it seems that you choose the art work and then what format you want it to come in, which also means you can coordinate all your tech equipment to a painting in your office. Perhaps a bit too far?

Let me know if you’ve seen any cute cases in the UK – I can’t keep holding the phone in a death grip!

Kate Spade – Style and Manners

I posted about Occasions, the first Kate Spade book in this series a few weeks (months?) ago and thought it was about time I showed you the rest. Manners* (“Always Gracious, Sometimes Irreverent“) is about the different etiquette needed in certain situations – interesting, although coming from an American point of view, it differs slightly to the English standards. whilst Style* is probably closer to what a fashion blogger would be interested in, talking about the different ways to find style inspriation, as well as histories of different items, how to wear patterns, colours, etc.

HtCC: Kate Spade Stationery

I used to have a few pen pals when I was younger, and loved writing long letters then waiting for the replies. (OK, I didn’t enjoy the *waiting* for replies, but I was always excited to receive one!) One of the first things I did when getting an email address of my own was to sign up to a email pen pal service (which didn’t really go to plan…I ended up with photos of naked men. I did not tell my parents about that one.) but as the Internet has evolved, it is so much easier to send a quick message via Facebook or Twitter instead of writing an actual email or *gasp* a letter.

However, with beautiful notecards like this from Kate Spade, I’m tempted to start again!

The All Wrapped Up ($20) set is so gorgeously bright pink, if not completely practical (OK, for me, at least – the only ink that would look good would be black, and I have a strange dislike for black ink. I don’t know.)

As soon as I saw the Hello Sunshine cards ($20), I immediately thought of sending one to Sarah – its such a happy card to send just to say hello!

The Snail Mail set ($25) is so cute, and seems very apt for this form of communication! I’d send this to an old school friend, who used to hate snails enough to throw them into her neighbours garden. It would be difficult to hate this snail though!

If all else fails, this All Occasion box set ($35) is good as an emergency back up when you need to get a card into the post right now. (You’ve not had that? You don’t have a small stash of cards at home in case you need to pull one out quickly? No, er, neither do I…) Once all the cards are used up, you could always use the box again to organise your non existant card collection.

If only Kate Spade delivered to the UK – I think a trip to one of the London stores is due!

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