House of Cupcakes

Quiz time! What food do bloggers apparently live off? If you answered cupcakes, then yes, you win a cupcake!

When one of my old colleagues, Paul (whose personal blog, Dance Like A Dad, is very amusing) mentioned that his wife was going to start making cupcakes to sell, another colleague, Nick, suggested sending me some because he already knew the answer to the above question.

On Monday, Ruth from House of Cupcakes came to my office with a box of cupcakes containing these delicious treats

L-R, we have a chocolate one, a coffee one, a carrot cake, mint and choc chip, lemon and vanilla.

I couldn’t eat all of them myself, so shared them out with my team (which pleased my boss, she was eyeing up the coffee one before I opened the box!) I had the carrot cake and saved the mint choc chip for the boyfriend.

One of the things I dislike about cupcakes (I know, it feels like I’m doing something wrong when I say that!) is that sometimes, the icing to cake ratio is off. (Hummingbird Bakery, I’m looking at you here. There shouldn’t be more icing than cake, and it shouldn’t take me 2 hours to eat one average sized cupcake!) But the House of Cupcakes has the balance just right – which isn’t as easy as you think!

I asked my colleagues for their opinions, and they raved about them. Tom, the “new boy” on the team, said they were amazing and changed his life. I’m not sure how a cupcake can change your life, but I’ll leave that to you to judge!

The cupcakes are available for collection, or for a little bit extra they can be delivered to a BS postcode.

You can find more information about these delicious cakes on or say hello on Twitter to @houseofcupcakes!

Hide the Credit Card: Paperchase Cupcakes

I know, I know. I’m an enabler. Even if you don’t live near a Paperchase (lucky bastards), you can still succumb to the lovelyness, as they currently sell things via Amazon. (Paperchase have a new site coming in September, but I’m impatient and want to make you buy things now. I’m totally doing an evil laugh right now.)

Since this is a blog by a girl, and since all lady bloggers must love cupcakes (its actually part of the rules you have to stick to if you want to be a blogger. (1) Must like cupcakes), I thought I’d tempt you all with some of Paperchase’s Candy Cupcakes themed items.

First up is a cute Cake Stand for £25. Paperchase is brilliant for random little gifty type items lately, and I love cake stands for no real reason other than they’re pretty and they’re quite useful to dump all the random stuff like jewellery on.

Of course, if you’re going to have cakes to put on the cake stand, you’ll need a cake tin (£7). Duh. And, because I’m that fussy, obviously it would have to match. I mean, whats the point otherwise?

Of couse, with cake, you must have tea. This mug is just the right size for a brew and is only £4.75

Quite a few bloggers have their own business cards or Moo cards to give to people with their website address on. I love this idea, because its such a faff to either pull out a notebook and going “sorry, how do you spell that?” or to get them to write it (running the risk later of not being able to translate someone elses handwriting). This

Business Card Case for £6.50 will make sure that all the cards you’re given at an event will stay looking lovely!

Finally, when you’re a bit drunken after the event (because be honest, that wasn’t tea you were drinking was it!), these

Key Caps (2 for £5) will help you remember which key is the house key. Sadly it wont help you get the key into the door, you’ll need to figure that one out yourself.

* all Amazon links in this entry are affiliate links, meaning if you click it and buy the item, I get a little percentage, which would probably be spent on more things from Paperchase *sigh*

TiLT – 11 September 2008

Bad girl, I’ve not really written since last week. But I’ve been full of plans, y’see m’dears! Squeal! Tomorrow is my 25th birthday (or as I am tempted to start calling it, my 21+4 birthday.

1. HAMPTONS’ FINEST, 2. Skins, 3. innocent veg art, 4. Untitled, 5. Simple Butterfly with Rose Cupcakes, 6. Untitled

This week, I adore…

  • New Gossip Girl. Oh my effing God. I had forgotten just how clever this show is. Repeats of season 1 whenever I feel like hooking the iPod up to the TV are great, but I neeeeeeded new episodes!
  • Skins. I know, I’ve seen every episode about a trillion times. But each time, I spot something new and exciting (at least to a newly Bristolian like me) in the background. This weekend I was taking some photos for a not so secret project type thing down Gloucester Road, and realised that was where Chris’ house was meant to be in the first series, when he gets locked out of his house in the nuddy pants and walks down the road towards Glos Rd with his head and hands held high.
    One of the things that always makes me giggle is the…
  • Bristolian/West Country Accents. As a Northerner (well, Chester is north of here!), I can’t help but laugh when I hear the local accent. Seriously, its just too funny. Not only do they have a funny accent down here, but they also have their own language. Heres a helpful little guide from Beast Clothing (who are gert lush, me babber)
    Chris Moyles did a version of American Boy by Estelle called Somerset Boy which makes i laaaaarf every time!
  • iTunes Genius – I know, I’ve had it two days, but its bloody brilliant. Its actually making me listen to more of my music, instead of the same few songs every day. And its throwing up some excellent tracks. If you’ve not already downloaded iTunes 8, get it, get it now!

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