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Keeping Cosy


Oh coffee cup. So boring. So uncolourful. So guilt inducing that I can never remember to bring my own cup to Starbucks so I don’t have to throw so many paper cups away.

I saw this project on Wild Olive (one of the best craft blogs in my opinion!) about making your own sleeve for your drink, and thought this was something I could do! It’s small enough to leave in my handbag, but it means I don’t have to pick up an extra bit of cardboard to throw away when I pick up my ridiculous drink. (It’s currently a grande skim white hot chocolate without whipped cream. A total mouthful to say, a delicious mouthful to drink)


I took a cardboard sleeve, undid it (carefully so I didn’t lose the shape!) and traced it onto some black felt. I cut it out, and made sure it would still go around my cup. (See? SEE? That’s how bloody stupid my order is.)


I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to use buttons as a decoration, or more coloured felt, so I made one of each! I have a huge box full of buttons, so picked out my favourite colours


I then raided my felt stash and cut out circles from lots of different colours.


I positioned the circles on my black felt curve to find how I was going to arrange them, then sewed them on with matching embroidery thread. Seriously simple!


Here’s the felt circles sleeve in action…


…and the buttons one!


If I did this again, I’d probably double up on the black felt so it’s a little more insulating. You (obviously) could do any pattern on top that you wanted – I just like polka dots! Felt is cheap enough – I bought A4 sheets from Fabric Land (I can’t bring myself to link to their site – if you’ve seen it, you’ll know) for 30p each.

If you’re bored this weekend, this is possibly the easiest craft I can recommend you do!

Review: Crafty Creatives [Box 1]

I am not a beauty blogger. (Duh.) The various beauty boxes like Glossybox, She Said Beauty, Joliebox…none of those really make me want to grab my debit card and shout at the monitor “TAKE MY DAMN MONEY ALREADY AND SEND ME THINGS”. I just don’t get excited over beauty products.

However, when I read about Crafty Creatives, I couldn’t fill in my email address for their sign up list fast enough! Crafty Creatives is a monthly subscription service where you’ll get sent a box of crafty goodies around a theme – the first month was florals, which extended even to the paper wrapping inside!

The first thing you find when you open the inside wrapping is a pretty art card, with details of what you can find inside the box on the back. I like that they give some suggestions about what sort of things you could do with the things in the box – there are some things that I probably wouldn’t use normally, but having the suggestions helps.

So, whats inside the box?

Fabric, buttons, beads, glue, threads, tissue, glue… so much stuff that you probably wouldn’t normally choose, but having a themed box like this is a great way to inspire you to make something different. I’ve been so lax on the crafting front since I moved in with Alex…2 years ago…and I want to do more with my stash that I already have. The main item in the box is a kit so you can make a floral brooch for yourself.

The instructions look really simple, but if you still need help, Crafty Creatives also provide video tutorials over on their YouTube channel

I think this box is really good for a beginner crafter, because it will help to build up a craft stash and will show new ways to make things. It would be perfect as a gift for someone who crafts a bit as well – I can think of a few friends who would enjoy this!

The Crafty Creatives box costs £12.95 per month – the same price as many of the beauty subscription boxes.

A Very Modern Tea Room

Last weekend, as previously posted, a few girls and I took a delightful stroll around Clifton Village in pursuit of cake. I loved all the stops along the way, but the final stop at Cordial and Grace blew me away.

I really like tea, I really like cake, and I really like crafting. So its amazing to find somewhere in Bristol that not only does these things, but does them well. As so many of us mentioned, the cakes we tried were amazing -  I could only manage a few of the huge platter that was put together for us, but I would make the trek to Clifton for the peanut butter brownie alone – like a cakey Marathon (er, Snickers…showing my age there)

There’s a good range of teas and coffee available, or if you’re feeling a bit decadent/have something to celebrate/just like fizzy wine, there’s prosecco available too.
Downstairs, there are sewing machines and different fabrics, ribbons, etc for sale. Besides having the sewing machines available to hire by the hour, there’s also various workshops for all skill levels and ages.

I could tell you more about my favourite new find, but its so much easier to show you some photos…

Definitely one to visit if you’re in the Clifton area!

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