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Oh coffee cup. So boring. So uncolourful. So guilt inducing that I can never remember to bring my own cup to Starbucks so I don’t have to throw so many paper cups away.

I saw this project on Wild Olive (one of the best craft blogs in my opinion!) about making your own sleeve for your drink, and thought this was something I could do! It’s small enough to leave in my handbag, but it means I don’t have to pick up an extra bit of cardboard to throw away when I pick up my ridiculous drink. (It’s currently a grande skim white hot chocolate without whipped cream. A total mouthful to say, a delicious mouthful to drink)


I took a cardboard sleeve, undid it (carefully so I didn’t lose the shape!) and traced it onto some black felt. I cut it out, and made sure it would still go around my cup. (See? SEE? That’s how bloody stupid my order is.)


I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to use buttons as a decoration, or more coloured felt, so I made one of each! I have a huge box full of buttons, so picked out my favourite colours


I then raided my felt stash and cut out circles from lots of different colours.


I positioned the circles on my black felt curve to find how I was going to arrange them, then sewed them on with matching embroidery thread. Seriously simple!


Here’s the felt circles sleeve in action…


…and the buttons one!


If I did this again, I’d probably double up on the black felt so it’s a little more insulating. You (obviously) could do any pattern on top that you wanted – I just like polka dots! Felt is cheap enough – I bought A4 sheets from Fabric Land (I can’t bring myself to link to their site – if you’ve seen it, you’ll know) for 30p each.

If you’re bored this weekend, this is possibly the easiest craft I can recommend you do!


  1. I hadn’t see Fabricland. Now I can never unsee it, so *thanks* for that.

    I don’t drink coffee so this tutorial is totally useless for me but I still love it :) Yay for recyling! Or something!


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