Situations Turned Around

I’ve been a little absent from the blog recently because of all that life stuff getting in the way. Here’s a quick recap about whats been going on (and a prod to myself to blog about some of these things!)

Call me a spoilsport, but I’m kinda glad the heatwave is over (again). I just don’t cope well in hot weather – this photo was taken after work one Friday, sitting in the shade at 7pm was as much as I can handle!

A few weekends ago, I headed over to London for the iFabbo bloggers conference. It was a really interesting day, and I felt like I learnt loads (which seems so wrong for a Saturday!) – I’ll try to get a post together about it! Vanessa met me for dinner, and we headed to Burger and Lobster where the menu is…er…burger or lobster (or lobster roll for people who can’t be bothered to deshell their lobster). Since neither of us had ever had lobster before, obviously we had to go for that. Verdict: weird looking, too lazy to shell, but quite nice actually.

Wine already in a glass may not sound as good as gin-in-a-tin, but I still approve. I saw Selina on the train back to Bristol (we seem to have a thing at the moment for spotting each other on public transport!) and we gossiped about our days at blogger meetups!

On Sunday I headed over to Bath to take part in the Sky Ride – a cycle around some closed off roads in Bath. Despite the rain, it was still quite enjoyable to cycle around, especially around the Circus and Royal Crescent, which are two of my favourite areas in Bath. Its been a while since I got on my (or someone elses) bike, and the short ride reminded me that I really do want a bike. If only Bristol wasn’t so hilly, I would love to cycle to work!

After the ride, I headed up to the Fashion Museum to meet Ally. Embarrassingly, this is the first time I’ve been outside the museum –  despite living over in Bristol for 4 years, I still haven’t visited. I’ll visit this summer. Honest.

We headed to Bea’s Vintage Tea Room, a lovely new find by Ally the day before, and had lunch. I went for coronation chicken (well, obviously) which was delicious, and Ally’s cake looked amazing too. Sadly I couldn’t quite fit one of these pretty little cakes in! I think I will have to visit Bea’s again with my camera this time, its such a pretty little tea room.

Finally, Fern. Cause, y’know, everyone loves the silliest spaniel in Bristol.

The Usual Update

Ugh, I am so so rubbish at updating lately!
It was Louise and Nathans wedding on Saturday, so I’ve been busy sewing lots of bunting (sewing 14 metres of bias tape in one sitting – not fun!) and having SERIOUS debates in the middle of places like Hobbycraft and the party shop in the Galleries about what shade of blue should the balloons be, and what sort of ribbons to have on the poles so you notice them instead of walking into them (side note: the poles were actually amazing for swinging around. I was practicing at 10am on the morning of the wedding.)
There were some other lame ass excuses I was going to use, but, um, I forgot.

Today is Shrove Tuesday, or Pancake Day if you are not that religious. I managed to have two quite mis-shapen pancakes, which were so good with lemon and sugar. Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, which is the start of Lent, and I’ve just decided to give up chocolate for Lent. Am I stupid and crazy and going to break this promise in the first week? Hopefully not.
I bought a medium sized bar of hazelnut Milka at lunch, and just made myself eat half of it, because I’m not going to have any chocolate for 40 days. Now I feel a little sick. Ew.


As previously mentioned, my friends Louise and Nathan are getting married soon on the SS Great Britain, and their wedding has a slight theme of a coronation party. The only problem was that they weren’t sure what could be hung around the room where the band will play, and it was going to look a bit bare.

Flags, originally uploaded by Dr. Keats.

Somehow I got persuaded into making some bunting for the room, which seemed like it would be a massive task, but once I actually got down to it (after cutting the flags out!), it was pretty simple really!

I pretty much made it up as I went along, after looking at some pictures of bunting to get an idea of what the hell I was going to do!

My pattern for bunting was basically take an A4 sheet of paper, fold it lengthways, then cut a diagonal line, leaving me with a isosceles triangle shaped template. I traced around this onto my fabric (quite thick cotton fabric from Fabricland [don’t visit that site if you value your eyes] which was £4/m) and cut out 64 triangles. I sewed two triangles of the same colour together on the longest sides, turned it inside out and ironed it flat. Repeat for all of the triangles. Sigh.

I just have one final part left to do – sew all of the triangles onto a ribbon, or some bias tape. It depends what I can get next weekend.

Here’s some pictures of the making of a crapload of bunting:

Settling down for a night of cutting fabric, eating ice cream and perving watching Jason Dohring in Moonlight

Stacks of flags all cut out.

Setting up my awesome work area and get on with the sewing!

Started with the blue flags, then red, then white.

Unironed red and white flags

Badly ironed blue flags

All of the flags, finished and ironed flat.

After this, I pinned the flags along some bias tape (which is basically like a ribbon thats folded in on itself) I put the flags between the folds, pinned it then sewed it up. Its not the most perfect thing, but it did the trick, and got a lot of complements!

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