As previously mentioned, my friends Louise and Nathan are getting married soon on the SS Great Britain, and their wedding has a slight theme of a coronation party. The only problem was that they weren’t sure what could be hung around the room where the band will play, and it was going to look a bit bare.

Flags, originally uploaded by Dr. Keats.

Somehow I got persuaded into making some bunting for the room, which seemed like it would be a massive task, but once I actually got down to it (after cutting the flags out!), it was pretty simple really!

I pretty much made it up as I went along, after looking at some pictures of bunting to get an idea of what the hell I was going to do!

My pattern for bunting was basically take an A4 sheet of paper, fold it lengthways, then cut a diagonal line, leaving me with a isosceles triangle shaped template. I traced around this onto my fabric (quite thick cotton fabric from Fabricland [don’t visit that site if you value your eyes] which was £4/m) and cut out 64 triangles. I sewed two triangles of the same colour together on the longest sides, turned it inside out and ironed it flat. Repeat for all of the triangles. Sigh.

I just have one final part left to do – sew all of the triangles onto a ribbon, or some bias tape. It depends what I can get next weekend.

Here’s some pictures of the making of a crapload of bunting:

Settling down for a night of cutting fabric, eating ice cream and perving watching Jason Dohring in Moonlight

Stacks of flags all cut out.

Setting up my awesome work area and get on with the sewing!

Started with the blue flags, then red, then white.

Unironed red and white flags

Badly ironed blue flags

All of the flags, finished and ironed flat.

After this, I pinned the flags along some bias tape (which is basically like a ribbon thats folded in on itself) I put the flags between the folds, pinned it then sewed it up. Its not the most perfect thing, but it did the trick, and got a lot of complements!


  1. Lolla says

    that’s a LOT of work. my sewing machine just sits gathering dust, even though I also have a so-called “working area”. i have that same mini chest of drawers from iKea; love it. :)


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