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Why Do Bloggers Get Gifted Items?

One of the things I find difficult sometimes (and I’m sure you guys do too) is trying to explain to a non blogger just why a company will send you a product. I mean, why should a company send you an item to talk about it?

The new advert from Chrome does go some way to explain that. It isn’t going to make you cry (like that baby one) or creep you out (like the new one about a relationship through Google products) but it does make me smile.

Google Chrome, The Cambridge Satchel Company from Matt Houghton on Vimeo.

This bit made me grin like a fool though:

Because see that link underneath (well, when you watch it)? You know who that is, don’t you?

It’s Jen! (I’m only slightly disappointed the bloggers map wasn’t near the top ;) Also, whoa, theres an extra 5 million entries since this ad was made? Insane.)

Its nice to see blogging, and especially fashion blogging (and even more so – UK blogs!), being shown on TV and showing what we have the power to do.


Queens Avenue, Bristol

The reason why I created my bloggers map (over 700 people on there now!) was because I wanted to meet up with bloggers in my area and have a cup of tea, and I assumed that others did too. Since creating it, I’ve noticed a lot more meetups being organised, and that is awesome. Its great that other people agree that its actually quite nice to meetup with likeminded people and talk about stuff that perhaps your family and friends don’t really understand.

The thing that I am a little confused about though is the increasing amount of meetups where the organisers feel like they have to provide a goody bag, get some sponsorship, get a brand involved. It turns what could be quite a informal meetup into a giant event – which, while sometimes thats good, could intimidate some people from going.

So I’d like to propose an un-meetup. A small gathering after work one night in Bristol, where you wont get given anything. Well, besides a good gossip and perhaps some new blogs to read. Would anyone be up for that? (Seriously Laura, if you don’t say yes, I’ll cry ;))

If you’re not in Bristol, but you like the idea of knowing who is in your area, please drop me an email and I’ll let you know who your neighbours are! (And as ever, I would love it if you guys could promote the map again – the only way that it will get better is with more and more people signing up!)

Bristol Meetup!

Clifton in 20mm #2 by slimmer_jimmer

So, a champagne fulled chat with Lydia and Lil at the Aussie Frizz Miracle Mad Hatters Tea Party (what a mouthful!) set off the idea of organising a bloggers meet up in Bristol

Why Bristol? Well, it seems that theres a lot of beauty and fashion type bloggers who either went to uni here, or lived here, or just like the city. All meetups that I’ve known about have really been focused on London, or maybe one of the bigger cities up North, but nothing ever happens in Bristol!

Which is pretty crazy, lets face it. Bristol is an awesome city, full of interesting little places and shops, and little places for tea and cake.

So this is a blog post saying “Hello, lets all meet up in Bristol. We can have tea and cake.”

If you’re interested in coming along, please comment on this blog post, email me at hi [at] ceriselle.org or fill in this poll, so we can choose a date!

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