Why Do Bloggers Get Gifted Items?

One of the things I find difficult sometimes (and I’m sure you guys do too) is trying to explain to a non blogger just why a company will send you a product. I mean, why should a company send you an item to talk about it?

The new advert from Chrome does go some way to explain that. It isn’t going to make you cry (like that baby one) or creep you out (like the new one about a relationship through Google products) but it does make me smile.

Google Chrome, The Cambridge Satchel Company from Matt Houghton on Vimeo.

This bit made me grin like a fool though:

Because see that link underneath (well, when you watch it)? You know who that is, don’t you?

It’s Jen! (I’m only slightly disappointed the bloggers map wasn’t near the top ;) Also, whoa, theres an extra 5 million entries since this ad was made? Insane.)

Its nice to see blogging, and especially fashion blogging (and even more so – UK blogs!), being shown on TV and showing what we have the power to do.


  1. Niki says

    Thanks for posting this Hayley, I wouldn’t have seen it otherwise, and it made me smile too :) All the adverts I see over here are for whitening skin!!

  2. Kelly says

    I absolutely love this advert, it explains beautifully the relationship between bloggers and companies. And good to see Jen up there. :)
    p.s Love the #wkendbloglove Did one this weekend, but will get on it next weekend.


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