HtCC: Winter Calls

I love love love winter coats. You’re going to be wearing this for at least half of the year – you need to find one that’s perfect for you. If I could, I would have lots of coats in all different colours – although from my selection below, you can probably guess that they’ll all be in a certain style!

First up from ASOS, where I have bought my last three winter coats from (all still going strong and looking good!) is this purple coat with the folded over collar* (£59.50) – I love the buttons on this coat, much prettier than the usual ones that come with a coat! This red fit and flare coat* (£70) is also cute, although looks a little short here. (I like a coat that’s about knee length)

From Dorothy Perkins, this military frock coat* (£75) is again, a bit short, but would be a comfy coat for the weekend to wear with jeans. Topshop have this cute “oatmeal” coloured clasp coat* (£85) which also has a hood (I love hoods on coats) while Matalan has this red longline coat with a belt * for just £45.

Finally, from the Curve section of ASOS is this yellow coat* (£75) which I love (and obviously, instantly thought of Sarah Mia for it!) or if you don’t mind waiting a bit longer to get a coat, this cute charcoal coat* is $74.99 from Modcloth (although you will end up paying duties and tax, sob)

If these are a bit expensive for you, why not have a look at A Thrifty Mrs’ post about purse friendly coats.

HtCC: Books

Books have gotten me in trouble many times. I used to get so engrossed in a book (especially at lunch times when I’d hide away in the library and devour whatever book looked good) that I’d want to carry on reading, despite those pesky lessons. I was rarely caught, until one day in science (a lesson after lunch, so it was to be expected) my teacher caught me reading What Katie Did on my lap.

As I get older, I am less likely to be caught reading a book I shouldn’t, but with things like Kindles, iPads and iPhones, that threat is reducing anyway. Perhaps I should cover those things in a fake book instead…

You can get book shaped covers for your MacBook or iPad, or clutches from ASOS in mint or blue (just £25!). On the more expensive end of the scale, this Olympia le Tan Alcoholics Anonymous is £1069. Falling somewhere in the middle (ish) are these cute Kate Spade book clutches with covers such as Emma, Romeo and Juliet or The Importance of Being Earnest for $325.

Slipping Away

Dress: ASOS | Belt: ASOS | Shoes: Primark

I stalked this dress down on ASOS for a while – by the time I decided I wanted it, it was out of stock in the size I wanted. Thanks to the ASOS mobile site and the saved items bit, it finally popped up in my size and I couldn’t jab buy quick enough! I’m not sure about it though. I love the style, and I love the colours (um, stripes. Whatever) but midi length…the model is only 2 inches taller than me, but I feel so swamped in the skirt. I can’t decide whether I should keep it at this length, or shorten it so it sits just below my knee. Its pretty odd to be saying something needs to be shorter though, I’m usually complaining things aren’t long enough!

I wore this dress yesterday to go wedding dress shopping with my friend Ally. Very exciting, as I’ve never been shopping for this kind of dress with anyone before. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to try on any of the dresses – I have no interest in getting married any time soon, but c’mon, I like dresses. I used to go and try on all the ball gowns in Monsoon in my uni town too often. If I had events and the money, I’d have a whole room dedicated to ball gowns. I still have all my ball gowns from school and uni. To then spend an afternoon watching someone else trying on some beautiful dresses was just torture.

The shops were located in Clifton though, which meant a good excuse to take Ally to Lahloo Pantry and Cordial and Grace – both of which I discovered through the #cliftoncakecrawl, which is still one of the most fun Sunday afternoons I’ve had in a long time.

This week has been too much about food though – tea and cake yesterday, trying my first bubble tea at HK Diner on Park Street today (verdict: YUM but odd. The little jelly texture balls were an odd thing to get while drinking the creamy strawberry slushie), sushi with Alex on Thursday (Yo! Sushi is having Blue Thursdays as well as the usual Blue Mondays this month, and I can’t turn down eating as much sushi as possible) and yet another epic Fabulous Food Night at Goldbrick House – this month was beef. I went with some of my colleagues, where we were served things like Asian oxtail broth with a crispy wonton, steak tartare (amazing) and little canapes of Yorkshire puddings with roast beef and horseradish cream.

I think this week might be a good time to start a diet…!

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