Always The Sun

I almost feel guilty posting these photos. The majority of outfit photos I’ve seen lately have been taken with a snowy background, but in Bristol. we’ve had reasonably nice weather.


Top: Oasis | Skirt: ASOS* | Shoes: ASOS* | Glasses c/o LensWay

It’s still pretty damn cold here though, so I’ve been layering up – I feel a bit Michelin Man with three pairs of tights on! I love this skirt from ASOS, it’s as scarily pink in real life as it is in the photo!

This weekend has been reasonably productive for me – I’ve gotten lots of little jobs around the house done as I’ve been home alone. Two trips to Ikea, and I have enough storage to make things look nice and tidy, along with the beginnings of a herb garden. This is what happens when you get old. You get excited about gardening.

So, what have you been up to this weekend?

Nights In White Satin

Last year, I blogged about lingerie and Valentines being linked together in the tackiest way. This year, I thought I’d share some pretty sets that I wouldn’t be too heart broken to recieve (HINT HINT)


First up, from Boux Avenue, are the pretty, vintage styling of bras that we’ve come to expect from them. This purple satin bra* (£24) (described as bandeau style on the website, but lets face it, above a D cup, and you can’t really get a bandeau bra) is in my favourite colour, so is quite near the top of my wish list. This lacy balconette bra* (£30) and “Victoriana” (I’m not sure where the Victorian part comes from) hot pink satin bra* (£26) are close behind though!



Next up is the new range from M&S created with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. I love the colours and the rose printed fabric, and this rose print bra* (£22.50) is almost too pretty to even wear, never mind be hidden by clothes. A simpler style of bra is available in this brown colour*, a pretty pink* or a “nude” shade – all £22.50 for the bra.

Valentines isn’t just about pretty knickers, and this rose printed camisole* (£35) and matching French knickers* (£17.50) set was made for flitting around in.


Finally, from ASOS (I know, I wouldn’t have had them down for pretty pants either!), there’s actually a great collection of lacy underthings. This lace panelled corset* is £75 (and pretty gorgeous too) whilst this blue satin bra* is £38.

Sod it, I’ll just go and buy them myself.

Bon, Bon Prix

The best thing about December is the amount of times that you get to wear a pretty dress. Not that I ever need an excuse, of course, but it’s good to have one. Bon Prix got in touch with me recently and offered to send me a dress and some shoes for a Christmas party, along with some questions about the outfit.

First of all, show us your picks from the partywear on bon prix!
I chose this berry coloured one from the selection of party dresses (which is just £28) and these strappy grey killer heels to go with it (also £28). My Christmas party (which is on Friday) has the theme a day at the races, so I thought if I were at the races, I would want a simple dress and small heels. (Having lived in a racing town for 20+ years, I feel like I know what a good outfit is to wear to the races – and I definately know what not to wear!)

What else did you accessorise it with, and why did you put those two items together?
As you can see from the photo, I chose three different looks, because I can’t honestly decide what I want to wear! In the first, I’m wearing a hat from Primark (bought on a whim, of course, and never worn out of the house), a peplum jacket from ASOS* and huge wedges, again from ASOS*(which I can just about walk in!). The second, I have a furry cape from Debenhams that I bought for my first works Christmas do (in 2006…eek) and the beautiful glittery heeled shoes which usually live on my bookshelf – they’re just too pretty to hide away!). Finally, I wore the shoes from Bon Prix, with a grey feathered cape from ASOS* (where else?) that I bought on a whim.

Do you think your outfit fits in with a trend for AW2012? If you’re setting your own trend, what’s it called?
Berry, oxblood, maroon – whatever colour you’re going to call this, it’s always one that is on trend this time of year.

Were the dress and shoes comfortable to wear throughout your evening?
My party isn’t until this week, but the parcel arrived at my office last week and I instantly put the shoes on – because of the heel (much lower than I would usually wear – as shown by the other shoes in the photos!), they’re really comfy! The dress is a thick jersey and isn’t restrictive, so you can eat drink and drink all night ;)

If you had to give the shoes a ‘dance-ability’ rating, what would it be out of 10 (10 is the best, obvs)?
Probably a 7 – the elastic could be tighter: you don’t want a shoe flying across the room in a particulary energetic dance!

If you had to give your dress a ‘shimmy-ability’ rating, what would it be out of 10?
I’m not really a shimmy sort of girl, but this dress is quite slinky, so probably 8?

How easy were the items to style up to fit your look?
Pretty easy! Because the dress is nice and simple (which I mostly go for), it wasn’t difficult to find things in my wardrobe that I could wear with it – the only new items in the photo above are the shoes and dress from Bon Prix!

Finally, describe your style in three words (which is actually quite tricky…):
Erm…pass! I have no idea!

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