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So Good, We Bought It Twice

As you may (or may not!) already know, the voltage in the US is different to the voltage in the UK. What this means is if an electrical item doesn’t have a certain type of power supply in it, then it’s not going to work. I learnt this in 2010 when we went to California and my hair straighteners wouldn’t heat up enough. Most things we lost were from the kitchen,


My beloved hairdryer! This was the one thing I was really grumpy about giving up – I’d had it a while and had the special pink one. I really wanted the Dyson Hair Dryer but it’s $399/£299 which is a bit ridiculous really. I’ve had the GHD hairdryer for 5 years and I’m still impressed at how I don’t feel the need to use my straighteners afrer drying my hair with it.

Nokia Body Scale

Not at all necessary. But it felt odd to have a part of my daily routine (step on the scales first thing without my glasses on so it records my stats but I don’t have to look at them) missing so I was quite glad to get this back! The scales we had at home arrived a few months later, but I may sell those on eBay (as I’m doing with a lot of things that we’ve realised we didn’t miss at all!)

Breville Mixer

We had a lot of the Sage range of items in the UK which was based on recommendations from friends in the US who had the Breville items. I have no idea why the range is called Sage (with everywhere) in the UK – the only thing I could think of is that the brand name Breville isn’t high end enough to charge £300 for a stand mixer. In the UK, I had the older model…I’m not actually sure what the difference is but the new model came with two bowls which is actually pretty useful!

Breville Fast Slow Pro

Another Breville/Sage thing where we bought the newer model – I had the Risotto Plus but Alex bought the Fast Slow Pro this time which is actually awesome. It can do the same as the older model (honestly, risotto is so simple with this, just chuck it all in and it will make it for you) but it’s also a pressure cooker, and I prefer the slow cooker function as you can set the time on it exactly. It also has a function to reduce the cooking sauce which is really useful when I make BBQ pulled pork! (I’m a housewife now. This sort of thing is exciting.)

Dyson 360 Eye

Technically, we didn’t repurchase the Dyson robot, but we did get a new one. I thought it was worth including in there though as the customer service for Dyson was amazing – we’ve had issues connecting it to the wifi forever, but it’s only once we had the robot here that I contacted Dyson to say “hey, what am I doing wrong”. Dyson were really good to replace the whole item (despite it being from the UK!) and I finally managed to get it to work with the wifi (although it only connected happily when I used an old iPhone 5S to set it up! Annoying!)

Hooray! It’s Cold!

Well, coldish. Being from the UK, I am used to two weeks of sun and too much heat, and then the rest of the summer is a cold wet mess. The Seattle area has enjoyed a long hot summer this year, which literally everyone we have met has told us how lucky we have been, but when you’re used to the rubbish summers in the UK, and have bought some new jumpers to prepare for it in July, it’s kiiiiinda annoying to be stuck wearing dresses and sandals. (I know. Shut up Hayley.)

Jumper | Jeans | Shoes | Gym Bag

I’ve rounded up some jumpers that I’m considering adding to my wardrobe…although as you can see in the picture above, I’ve already bought the New Look jumper pretty much half the bloggers I know have, and a grey Oasis jumper that I’m looking forward to layering over collared shirts.

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