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While I know that its a really good idea to get measured for bras reasonably often, I haven’t actually been measured in…um…2 years. I ended up going to House of Fraser last weekend in Cabot Circus, and compared to my previous experience at John Lewis, it was kinda disappointing. Took off my top, measure, measure, given a bra to try, shoo’ed out of the changing rooms. Not quite the 45 minutes I spent at John Lewis with the lady fetching different bras and explaining the differences in fit. (Did you know that despite the standard sizing we all know and er, love, sizing varies between brands so much that some brands don’t do the double letters?)

I was told that my new measurement was up 3 bands and down a cup from what I previously was told – I understand bands going up (cause y’know, chub) but going down a cup? The benefit of changing sizes at least is that my size seems to be a little less common (at least judging by the tiny amount of choice at House of Fraser – 3 styles out of the whole department?) so perhaps I’ll be able to grab a few bargains in the sales?

(For the readers who’ve been about for a year or so, the personal shopper was at the till when I went to pay, and she was just as rude as before. Perhaps she just hates me. Or people.)

After spending £90 on three bras, I thought I’d have a look online for cheaper alternatives – I needed to replace all of my bras, and I can’t afford to cough up £30 for each one!

I had heard of Boux Avenue* before, but this was my first order. £22 for 3 bras (with the matching pants, of course) was a much nicer price to pay. The website is pretty as well, with nice clear photos, easy navigation but with little embellishments that make it feel more chic than some of the high street lingerie chains. The website allows you to set a profile where you tell it your sizes, and it will then highlight items available in those sizes. Sounds really obvious when you think about it, but I can’t think of any other website that does that!

My order came gift wrapped – its free, and its something they suggest to make your purchase a bit more special – lets face it, any parcel is way more exciting when its wrapped up in pretty lace printed tissue.

I bought the Antoinette* set, the Greta* set and the Origami* set – there’s a buy 2 get 1 free offer on at the moment as well. The sizing seems a little smaller than the bras I bought at the weekend, but still very comfortable. (Don’t worry, I’m not going to post a photo of me wearing the bra – that’s just too weird)

I’m definitely going to be buying more from Boux Avenue, it’s so nice to find pretty bras at affordable prices, especially when they goes up to a 40G in most styles at the same cost as a 30A.

(this was in no way sponsored, I just really liked these and wanted to share, especially as its apparently National Underwear Day today where we’re encouraged to chuck away the ill fitting, greying, wires popping out bits in our undie drawers.)


  1. Nic's Notebook says

    I’m really fed up with flippin bra fittings… I got measured 2 weeks ago, thought it was OK at the time, but once I moe about a bit I end up hanging out … bah, so uncomfy & unsightly! Your new bras look v pretty ;)

  2. Harriet says

    Gorgeous Bras!

    While I think being measured can be a good thing, recently a lot of my experiences have left me with bras that don’t actually fit me that well at all. I’ve had bad experiences and to be honest I now just take a bunch of sizes into the changing room and fit myself!

    If you can find a good bra fitter they are amazing, but I think if you’ve got a bad one you’re better off by yourself.

    Plus you can vary by up to a cup size just deending on what time of the month it is for you, so that can have a big effect.

  3. Hannah says

    I’m so surprised that HoF had such bad service! Shocking!! Anyway, glad you found the site cos the bras are lovely, my favourite is the spotty one. I spend about £25 average on a bra so you got a really good deal

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  4. Jen says

    I am terrible with bras. I was measured at Bravissimo but the size they gave me is hardly ever stocked in ‘regular’ shops so I have to go back to them when I need a new one… hhhmmm! I’ll definitely be checking this site out. Looks lovely! x

  5. JB- Sunshine with everything says

    Bra sizes drive me mad. Why don’t they just make them properly! You went down a cup because you went up a couple of band sizes. It’s because the bra manufacturers make them in a weird way so the cups in say a 40D are actually much bigger than say a 30D even though they a both called D! Not a lot of people know this but it drives me crazy. A few years back I went down one or two band sizes but had to go up a cup size (because going down a band size actually makes the cups smaller too!) I actually now find it really hard to find bras that fit me because of the way the band/cup size ratio changes. grrr! I wish I could get them hand made for me or something! Anyway- hello nothing like bras to get a girl ranting haha! xx

  6. KA says

    I don’t know why this isn’t more advertised as it would help people! …but cups are different in each back size because of how the bra size system works. An A cup literally means you have a 1inch difference between the measurement around your boobs and the measurement around your ribs. B cup means you have a 2 inch difference.

    To make a 5 inch difference on a 40in back would take a lot more boob than to make a 5in difference on a 30in back. That’s why the cups have to be different depending on back size, It is so confusing for sure.


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