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The Art of Clean Up

As a child, I’d take my tube (none of this hexagonal prism nonsense for me!) of Smarties, and sit on the carpet, happily making bar charts out of the Smarties in order of colour. Perhaps I was an odd child. Or perhaps it was my love of stats coming out at an early age. (No, I was odd.)

These images are part of a book by Swiss artist Ursus Wehrli called The Art of Clean Up, one in a series of books along the same themes*.

(via Swiss Miss, a blog I love far too much)

Baci Di Dama

In the September issue of Glamour, research done for Freya lingerie revealed that almost 50% of women wait on average 6 months to buy new underwear. Really? Underwear for me is one of those things I never think about buying until I’m fed up with an underwire poking me in the side and actually remember to get rid of it! (Someone reassure me I’m not the only one to do that, when you’re getting ready in the morning, find a piece of clothing with a button missing or whatever, throw it in the washing and then forget about it until you’re getting ready again and pull it out of the wardrobe.)

I’m trying to be better at keeping my undies drawer full and updated, which I’ve blogged about recently. Lingerieplease sent me (along with the shapewear I blogged about last week) two bras from Baci, a brand I hadn’t heard of before.

The first bra is the Multiway Deep V Push Up – a simple bra which can be worn in different ways. I haven’t tried this one with the different strap ways, but these bras are always useful to have!

The second bra I recieved was the Maximum Cleavage bra which I preferred, size wise. The white bra was a little smaller than I expected, but this one seems OK. I like the pretty little lace bits as well, it makes an everyday item a little bit special which is always a good thing!

(The subject line? It means “Ladys Kisses” and is a type of biscuit but seemed to fit well!)

Maddening Shroud

Dress: Joe Browns*, Shoes: USC

Oh, more dresses. After going to the Joe Browns event last week, I was given a very generous gift voucher which I couldn’t wait to spend! I bought two dresses and a pair of leggings which arrived yesterday. This is the “Most Wearable” Dress* which lives up to its name. Its soft, generously cut (I think I could have gone a size lower and still be comfortable) and I can see myself wearing this too much over the winter! The boots are also a new arrival – I’d been looking for the right pair of heeled ankle boots, and after seeing Tabitha’s post about these ankle boots, I couldn’t click buy fast enough!

So after the event last Friday, I stayed at Becs’ house. We’d been chatting on Twitter for maybe 3 or so years but had never met, so I was so excited to finally meet her at the first event she organised for her company. On Saturday, we baked a cake for the Clandestine Cake Club which was at her house – you can see more about the different delicious cakes here. I could only manage a slice of the Battenburg, my favourite, but took a few slices for on the way home!

On Thursday, there was a big work gathering at Zerodegrees (which I’ve blogged about before a long time ago!) – I realised that the last time I’d really socialised with work people at any of my jobs was over 2 years ago, so its quite nice to be somewhere where people want to go out more. Yay. Also there was booze. And booze at Zerodegrees is GOOD. I wore this outfit last night, the Wife and Lord came over, and we headed to Wagamamas before coming back for a LOT of Rock Band and some Wii Party.

This week is my first of three three-day-weeks at work – some good holiday scheduling means lots of long weekends! Score! Gotta love long weekends, how are you spending yours?

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