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Race for Life 2011 – Join Me!

Finally, finally, I’ve decided which race to do. And…er…I’ve gone for the 10K for some reason* With 6 weeks to go, I guess I should probably do some training!

This is my fourth year doing Race for Life, and as I’m sure you’re all aware by now, I run Race for Life to raise money for Cancer Research.

My mum died Christmas 2005 from cancer. By running Race for Life, I hope to raise a ton of money that can be used to fund research into treatments and cures

I’d really love you to join me in doing Race for Life this year, either in your own city or come and laugh at me in Bristol! Sign up via this link* and as a Cancer Research affiliate, I will receive £5 – which I’ll then donate straight back to Cancer Research. (And because I’m a UK tax payer, they’ll also be able to claim Gift Aid – in my muddled brain, this means that they’re getting more money back to them than they give out to encourage people to sign up. I think its a bit strange to have an affiliate link for a charity, but I guess its better than the money going to those people who pester you in the street!)

If you’d like to donate to me, my page can be found at

* I was promised new trainers. I still have to get rid of 3 pairs to get them. Sob.

“I Don’t Make The Rules, I Just Think Them Up And Write Them Down”

Jumper: Clothing at Tesco, Skirt: Oasis via eBay, Tights: Oasis, Boots: Debenhams

Another exhausting week! This one was a bit more self inflicted – we had someone to stay on Monday, hair on Tuesday and Kittencamp on Wednesday. I was glad to be going home on time on Thursday!
Still enjoying the job, I know that just sounds obvious, but it’s so nice to be doing something I like in a good environment. Yay!
Alex is off to Vegas again tomorrow (boo!) so I’m trying to fill up the next two weeks. If anyone is about in Bristol after work, let me know!

Links I loved this week:

  • Really interesting post from The Business of Fashion about whats wrong with iPad magazines. I have enjoyed using the (US) Wired app and the (UK) Times apps – but my biggest complaint (and yes, I’m being cheap) is that my boyfriend already is subscribed to them on his iPad. If he buys a print magazine, then its easy for me to pick up and read when he’s not reading it, but with the iPad ones, I can’t as its locked on his iPad. I’d like to see something similar to how Amazon Prime allows you to put people in the same household onto the same account without paying extra
  • I loved this post on The Bristol Beauty Blog about being an “older” blogger. At 27, I feel ancient when I read blogs by people still doing their GCSE’s, so its nice to see someone say why its better to be “older” (Older in quotes because it feels like I’m calling people ancient!)
  • Lego Wall. AWESOME.
  • Can a Jell-O Shot Be Classy?” Looks good – although I bet they didn’t have pages covered in equations about the optimum alcohol content.
  • Hannah’s Cath Kidston-eqsue nails are so cute!
  • 31 Post Ideas for Fashion Bloggers. So useful.
  • I really want to try and make macarons after seeing Milly’s post
  • Know Your Meme: Instagram Quote Rebuttals. Love it. “Sometimes its okay to fall apart. No its not okay, you are a fucking ferris wheel”
  • Wild Olive’s week of tea has been one of my favourite features on a blog ever. I’m predictable. I especially loved this tea finds page. I want EVERYTHING.
  • This interview between Lady Gaga and Stephen Fry is awesome. I’m not really a Stephen Fry fan, but this is just fascinating.

Finally, a video I loved from KittenCamp. Always knew cats were evil…

I Am My Hair

On Tuesday I left work early so I could head over to Cotham. I popped into the Deco Lounge for a quick lunch (I was so hungry and after trying to think of somewhere near to the salon that I hadn’t been to before, I ended up in Deco because I knew I could get online!) then headed to the salon just up the road to meet with Laura from DaisyChainDream and Emma from Aussie. Laura and I were being treated as part of the Lusciously Light celebrations – thats what all the wiggy fun has been about recently, trying to help us decide what to do with our hair.

I knew that I wanted to get rid of the mess that red “semi-permanent” hairdye left – I last dyed my hair in January and have been desperately washing with horrid shampoos to strip the colour out – but wasn’t too sure what sort of colour I wanted or what style. I think its a sign of my TV watching habits while unemployed that when I thought about hairstyles I wanted, I thought of Sarah from Chuck, Kari from Mythbusters, Veronica Mars and…er…Hannah Montana (I kid. Not about the watching Hannah Montana bit. I’m more of a Wizards of Waverly Place or Sonny With A Chance fan.)

So here are the before shots of Laura and I:

Getting our hair done (I’m totally emailing Sarah here)

Laura went for a gorgeous reddy colour, it looks even better in person!

And me after! I had a lot of foils done to lighten my hair, then an ashy blonde put on the inbetweeny bits. I didn’t realise how heavy it would be!

I’m so pleased with how it turned out! Ruth (my stylist) did an awesome job with my hair. If you’re in Bristol, I would absolutely recommend Jon Hurst Hairdressing on Cotham Hill.

Heres Laura, Emma and I afterwards! We went to one of my favourite bar/restaurants, Goldbrick House (I ended up going there on Wednesday as well, thats bad isn’t it?) for delicious cocktails.

What do you think of our hair then?

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