Oh Diana

I’m still in mourning for my 50mm lens. Oh lens, you were so good for the photos I wanted to take. I’m currently limited to my kit lens on my SLR, but – have to be honest here – I stole Alexs lovely new camera for the photo in the last post because its just NICE. He has a Sony NEX-5, which looks daft (big lenses, little body) but takes lovely photos. Because of the lack of lenses, I’ve been looking around at other cameras and as always, I ended up on the Lomography website. I like the idea of cameras like the Spinner 360°, Diana and the Holga but I’m far too lazy for the faff of film. (Case in point: I bought a Fisheye camera in 2007. I’m still on the original roll of film.)

I was quite pleased then, to find this Diana Lens for SLR’s. As the site says, “It’s a lovely plastic lens that transforms your beloved hunk of metal and glass into a digital toy camera.” Perfect! At the same time, Groupon* had a deal on nationwide where you gave them £20, and you could spend £50 on their website. I’d also just received some money into my Paypal for something done a few months ago – the signs were all pointing towards buying a lens! After a small amount of faff (the voucher wasn’t behaving as it should), I finally got my lens:

Now I have the oposite problem to Alex’s camera – big camera, tiny lens! I’ve taken a few photos so far, which look pretty good on my camera screen, but haven’t had the chance to play with it properly. Maybe this weekend!

edit: Oops, forgot to mention that the lens I went for was the 38mm super wide one. I went for this one after researching about the different ones. I realised while writing this post that this is actually the set that Photojojo sell!


  1. Kat says

    Oh my god this is amazing!! I have always wanted a diana, but same as you was a bit dubious of getting film developed (I’m lazy and also have an unused fish eye knocking around) but I have a canon digital SLR so this would be perfect!!! Thanks for sharing :D


  2. Harriet says

    Ooh, I’d love to see some examples when you’ve had a chance to play – this lens sounds perfect for me – I am way to lazy to use film but I love the effect of lomography.


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