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So if you follow a few of us blogger types on Twitter, a few weeks ago, you’ll have seen that there were discussions about sleepovers going on – mainly the sort of sleepovers that we used to have as teenagers. (Hair mascara anyone?) A few nights ago, the Sarahs (@sarahs_scribbles and @essbeevee) and I were showing off our pj’s to each other and I realised they were the sort that you wear to mooch about in, the ones that you don’t let the boyfriend catch you in for at least the first 6 months.

But damn, they’re comfy.

With that in mind (and the fact that the boyfriend has been away for two weeks, so my comfy PJ’s have been making a return), here’s a few sets that I would like for Christmas please (It was a bit of a tradition (sort of) in our house that you wore new PJ’s on Christmas Eve so you’d wake up in lovely new things)

I’m quite fussy with my pyjamas. I don’t like stringy vest tops, and dislike slogans and cutesy bears. Long trousers have to be LONG. Oh, and shorts have to be of a certain length. These are clothes for comfort, and I can’t be bothered with picking shorts out of my bum while I’m wasting time on the internet. Now theres an image for you.

These stripey long legged pyjamas* (£25, Topshop) almost tick all the boxes for me. I’m not overly keen on the sleeveless vesty thing, but at least when I wake up, I wont have it twisted half way around my top (the reason why I don’t like strappy tops) for bed

I like this Fairisle short set* (£20, Topshop) and since I’ve already got a shorts set in this style from Topshop, I know that the shorts will be a reasonable length on me. (Thats the good thing about Topshop, they have a design and they just do different patterns on them. Some people might call this lazy. I don’t care.)

These Cookie Monster PJ’s* (£25, Topshop) are more something that Helen would wear, but they’re still cute. I think the trousers would be long even for her (she’s only 5’10”, not that tall really)

Back in the day, I was a MASSIVE Sweet Valley Twins fan. I wanted to be Jessica. My favourite colour was purple long before I started reading the series, so I thought this was a sign I should be in the Unicorns. Duh. Anyway. These unicorn pyjamas* (£18, Dorothy Perkins) made me think of SVT. The top is apparently blue, but looks purple to me, and those trousers look like hideous 3/4 length ones (why? Just why?) but I am still tempted to buy them. And girls are crazy about unicorns!

Theres one sort of PJ that will never look good though. The all in one. Sure, feety PJ’s* sound like a good idea, and yeah, you may have seen that episode of Family Guy with Peter and his rather fetching red ensemble. But this?

Just say no, kids.


  1. OMG, I would totally wear the Cookie Monster ones, although I have seen a pair and they did seem a little on the short side for me, they have to be completely touching the floor and covering most of my foot (I’m fussy I know and it doesn’t help when long on most people is normal on me anyway, this is why I have resorted to wearing men’s pj bottoms!). I know you love unicorns but 3/4 length slightly frilly pants are NOT a good look! And how can you say no to a onesie? JD would be disappointed in you! x

  2. Oh my goodness you’ve just put everything I feel about pyjamas in one handy post! I am CONSTANTLY on the quest for the ‘right’ set of pyjamas, main problem for me being that the trousers are never long enough and I like a bit of support because if I’m in my pjs I don’t want to have to be wearing a bra. Also just had a conversaion this weekend about my hatred for slogans and cutesy nonsense. The Cookie Monster just passes in that category – I’m loving those. Like a whole bunch.


  3. Is the bottom picture the latest line up of teletubbies to make the dads watch and get involved with their kids?

    I like soft and long jammies. New Look’s jersey trousers rock.


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