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I went to Cabot Circus after work on Monday night for a little retail therapy (Aim: To find some new skirts and tops for work. Purchased: 3 dresses, 1 skirt, 1 cardigan, and various tights and socks. Shopping fail.)

I went past River Island and saw a scene more suited for a club on a Saturday night. There was a barrier set up to keep the queues down (well, if there were any) and a bouncer checking ID’s. Had River Island suddenly turned into a night club (at half 6 in the evening)? Sadly not. It seems that many shops around Cabot Circus are holding exclusive shopping events for students this week. A more cynical person than me (is that even possible?) would suggest that the shops were trying to milk the students who’ve just recieved their student loans and are dying to spend them.

But what about the people like me, who can afford to shop all year round, not just the three points of the year that the loan appears and you go on a mad spending spree (things haven’t changed since I was at Uni!) I work in an area of Bristol called the Triangle. It’s close to the University of Bristol, but has quite a lot of offices around it as well (I’m in a tower block of 15 floors (I think!)) The shops usually close around the time we get out of the office, but are having special late night openings for students only. This seems like a missed opportunity.

It’s great that the shops have thought of a new way to get money out of people, but perhaps they should remember the customers who can shop all year.

How do you guys feel about “exclusive” shopping nights? If you’re a student, would this sort of event make you want to shop more?


    • Hayley says

      It is SO tempting. I only get 30 mins at lunch though, so that helps. (another reason I wish the shops opened later as well!)

  1. Kelly says

    I agree!
    I shop all year round yet get nothing from companies.
    I used to be a student and pretty much spent my student loan in Topshop. Not good when I needed to eat. This whole exclusive offer to students and a sort of ‘private’ event just makes me think the same thing as you.

    I know the triangle, must be tempting as Laura said. Love Bristol, miss it as lived in Midsomer Norton growing up.


  2. Michaela Parker says

    I totally agree with you. What about helping the rest of us out to reward us for our loyalty! Students do not make up the majority of these stores’ sales, the working women do. I know that certain places hold cardholder events and stuff too but again, if you don’t want to be a cardholder (and get yourself into debt!) then you just have to make do with full prices and no rewards.

  3. Steph says

    I study in Glasgow and have never been to a student shopping evening. I know that they happen. In Scotland, student loans are paid monthly (with a double payment in the first month), not once a term, so I’d guess here people have less money to spend all at once.


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