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Thank You!

I was going through my Google Reader t’other day and saw a post from Charlotte saying that Nails Inc had a special offer for one day only, where you could get 10 nail varnishes for £25. Considering that they normally cost £11 each, this was a bargain, especially with the discount code Charlotte thoughtfully provided at the end of the post. 10 nail varnishes for £20? That’s cheaper than the market stall in Chester where we used to buy all our make up from when we were young and poor!

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House of Cupcakes

Quiz time! What food do bloggers apparently live off? If you answered cupcakes, then yes, you win a cupcake!

When one of my old colleagues, Paul (whose personal blog, Dance Like A Dad, is very amusing) mentioned that his wife was going to start making cupcakes to sell, another colleague, Nick, suggested sending me some because he already knew the answer to the above question.

On Monday, Ruth from House of Cupcakes came to my office with a box of cupcakes containing these delicious treats

L-R, we have a chocolate one, a coffee one, a carrot cake, mint and choc chip, lemon and vanilla.

I couldn’t eat all of them myself, so shared them out with my team (which pleased my boss, she was eyeing up the coffee one before I opened the box!) I had the carrot cake and saved the mint choc chip for the boyfriend.

One of the things I dislike about cupcakes (I know, it feels like I’m doing something wrong when I say that!) is that sometimes, the icing to cake ratio is off. (Hummingbird Bakery, I’m looking at you here. There shouldn’t be more icing than cake, and it shouldn’t take me 2 hours to eat one average sized cupcake!) But the House of Cupcakes has the balance just right – which isn’t as easy as you think!

I asked my colleagues for their opinions, and they raved about them. Tom, the “new boy” on the team, said they were amazing and changed his life. I’m not sure how a cupcake can change your life, but I’ll leave that to you to judge!

The cupcakes are available for collection, or for a little bit extra they can be delivered to a BS postcode.

You can find more information about these delicious cakes on or say hello on Twitter to @houseofcupcakes!

Shoe Porn: Irregular Choice Shoes

Lets attempt another semi-regular feature on here then… although with this subject, I could quite happily post every day. (I won’t. Mostly because the boyfriend complains if I look at shoes too much.)

I’ve been a fan of Irregular Choice shoes for a long time. I can’t remember when I first saw the Tape Measure Court Shoes, but they’re the first ones that I remember seeing and they appeal to the crafty side of me. Here are a few others that caught my eye on the IC website

The colour of these “Rose Slip” (£80) shoes were what caught my eye at first, the gorgeous plummy colour going well with the blue velvetty lining. Even though no one else will ever see the lining, I love that Irregular Choice put some thought into it. You can see it a little bit on this picture as well, but Irregular Choice soles are usually decorated with a bright random pattern.

I think its obvious why I was drawn to the Swordmaker boots (£85). LOOK AT THAT HEEL. I love any shoe that has a weird shape to it. The colour of these is gorgeous as well, although I wouldn’t normally choose gold and brown. If this was pewter and black though, I would be all over that like a crazy girl in a shoe shop. Um…

Finally, the Patty (£50) shoes (and matching clutch bag (£37 – doesn’t that seem like a massively high price compared to the shoes?)) are a little bit patriotic (sort of) and a bit crafty (doesn’t it look like someones glued felt to their shoes? In a good way of course) IC has these in different shades of blue, but these navy (at least, they LOOK navy on my screen!) ones are a bit smarter than the lighter blue pair, and much less in your face than this floral pair.

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